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on maximum cover

So I’m freaking out about the wedding tomorrow. I thought my outfit was down…like seriously I’ve had the thing sitting on the hanger with all its extra tit bits hanging from it for weeks and then I look at the…


on morticia addams

Of course I was going to write about Morticia Addams inspired nails…of course I was. I mean…look at her. Bitch is clearly my beauty icon. She rocks a strong brow, a red lip and is always lit beneath the eyes…


on wish lists

So it’s a Wednesday, and I’ve spent my day mostly trying to teach myself how to do a beehive (and failing….seriously I looked like an extra in a B-Movie), a little bit of event organising…and the big shop. All of…


on a love letter to jeffrey campbell

I love Jeffrey Campbell. They make the nicest shoes in the world that aren’t so completely out my price range that they remain a forever pipe dream. Jeffrey Campbell not only make the most beautiful wedges, they also do the…


on nails with eyes

It’s been a while since I did a nail post. Maybe this is because I myself have no mad skills what so ever. Maybe it’s cause I’m feeling uninspired by all the leopard print and holographic nails on the go…


on being a teen witch

I am in love with this editorial from Tourist Magazine. Teen Witch. It’s all in the name. Styling Madelyne Beckles & Photography Petra Collins I can’t hate anything that involves black lipstick and a centre parting.Am coveting the hell out…


on venenous villains – a wish list

So back in May I posted about MAC’s Venenous Villains collection-and it looks like it’s going to be uh-mazing. Anyway the four villains are The Evil Queen, Cruella de Vil, Malificent and Dr.Facilier. Most of the faces of the line…


on the day job

This April Ally and myself put together an event as part of our course. The result was ITCOW, a multi-media fashion event featuring local designers such as Torres and Che Camille. Either way the night went really well…and well, that’s…


on princess headgear

Why am I so predictable? While doing my usual Internet trolling…I came across these total babes over at Refinery29. Now I’m not some crazy headband wearer with a princess complex….but there is def something about them that makes me swoon,…


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