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on suede fx polish

Now nail polish expert I ain’t. I’m slapdash in my technique and don’t have the patience for base coats, and top coats and cuticle oils. However I do know what I like…and Famous by Sue Moxley suede fx fits the…


on ruby woo

Being the lipstick junkie that I am, I thought I should probably get this one out the way early. MAC’s Ruby Woo. First of all I’d like to say that Ruby Woo is one of the prettiest red colours I’ve…


on being a creep

It seems strange that earlier this year I was contemplating buying “Summer” clothes. I considered sandals and shorts and floaty dresses…in black, but they would be cotton so they would breathe. And it’s July and I can’t remember the last…


on another wishlist wednesday

So it’s Wednesday again so it’s time for another Wishlist Wednesday….a list of really awesome things I’d quite like in my life but until I get a decent job…most of the stuff here likes in the realm of fancy. Oh…


on sweet nothings

In God We trust make the best jewellery ever, handcrafted in New York. My favourite is definitely the Sweet Nothings necklaces. Anyway the sweet nothings pendant comes on an 18 inch brass chain with a brass charm that is hand…


on snaps for claire

Right-o, was tagged in this challenge over at Baroque Boudoir….fellow Glaswegian stylish person and blogger, and the jist of it is this. Tell us 6 positive things about yourself and post a picture of yourself that you life. So…let’s try…


on love from hetty and dave

Love From Hetty and Dave is amazing. I’ve spent most of the evening browsing through the broaches and I seriously can’t pick out a favourite…favourites yes…..badgers, hearts and of course cats…but a favourite…not on your nelly kid. Love From Hetty…


on nude lipstick

It would seem like the most natural thing in the world for me to talk about lipstick. Some girls like their mascaras, some their eyeliners but me…I’m all about the lips. I’ve got quite a few lipsticks so thought I’d…


on the first hot slut sunday

So I wanted to try this thing out where I’d keep a note of my style crushes, if it works it works…if not well whatever…we forget it ever happened, but really it’s more an online note of “people who look…


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