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A return to hotel dining with Malmaison

Hotel dining can often get the short shrift. Especially when you’re in a city like Glasgow that has a near constant rotation of new restaurant openings.  And I get it. Outside of The Big Smoke, if you’ve not got a…


Yellow is the new black

“I’ll wear anything as long as it’s black.” That was my excuse for years. A safety net that morphed my wardrobe in to a giant bruise. Which is fine. Bruise is a strong look – but over time it left…


Natural Cycles: A New Type of Contreceptive

I’ve been using oral contraceptives for as long as I’ve been having sex. Which means, in short, that I hadn’t had a natural period for over 10 years. Even through long periods of singledom I’d use my pill as a…


Fuck It Fashion: Ruffles and Perspex

Fashion rules are arbitrary at best. They can serve as a guide line sure – but I like to think of them as more suggestions that hard fast lessons to live your sartorial life by. Case in point – wearing…


Best Full Coverage Foundations

When it comes to your make-up bag you can skimp on a lot of things. Basically anything you put on your eyes. Most lip colours. Hell, my favourite highlighter is £3 from Superdrug. Though the one place I’m willing to…


Karen Mabon: Today is Your Lucky Day

How much is too much Karen Mabon? Trick question guys. When it comes to this Edinburgh designer, the limit does not exist. At least if you’ve got any commitment to the kitsch, weird and wonderful. So basically anyone with a…


Rhubarb and Strawberry Margaritas

Does anything say Summer more than a margarita? I mean, other than being one of the all time classics (and perfect for lazy Summer days with friends) I can think of few cocktails that perfectly manage to tread the fine…


Hungry? Let’s Try Ardnamurchan Glasgow

Ardnamurchan seems to have missed the Great 2017 Glasgow restaurant hype train, but that doesn’t mean this unassuming newbie based in the heart of the cities theatre land shouldn’t be at least somewhere on your foodie bucket list this year.…


Making your World more Ribenary through Augmented Reality

Augmented reality and branding isn’t anything new. Stripped back, it’s using technology to mix objects and images within your real world. It’s so normalised now (think brands face mapping so you can take a selfie with your favourite fictional character…


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