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Spotlight: Bonnie Bling on Billy, badges and #metoo

Fashion has a way of being political.  Especially if you happen to be the brand. Mhairi Mackenzie of Bonnie Bling has never shied away from making a statement.  She’s made a name for herself with her cheeky and irreverent takes…


Ryan Cowie: The Cabinet of Dr Cowie

A collection inspired by German expressionism, femme fatales and witchcraft? Sign me up please. Aberdonian designer Ryan Cowie’s AW 17 collection is a monochromatic dreamscape that pays homage to fantasy villains, feminist rebels and of course The Cabinet of Dr…


What to do: Warsaw

The rumors are indeed true. Warsaw is all about the beer budget, Champagne lifestyle. It’s cheap. Like almost offensively so. You can expect flights from Glasgow for £35 return, and 4 nights in a (very nice) hostel for pretty much…


Karen Mabon: Ludid Dreams

Karen Mabon has always traded in the surreal with a touch of magical realism. The Edinburgh based designer has a real talent for making the mundane fantastical and it should come as no surprise that I’m a bit of a…


Spotlight Emily Wylde: Pastel graves & carols for the dead

Dia de los muertos or Day of the Dead has seeped in to the pop culture consciousness with sugar skull imagery and make-up tutorials 10 a penny.  And while pop culture certainly had its own influence on the traditional Mexican…


Spotlight: Illustrator Rosalind Shrinivas

It’s that little voice in your head that presses and prods. Sometimes it’s a little niggle, an itch that can’t fully be scratched. Sometimes it’s a near constant ache that refuses to be ignored. It’s the same voice that whispers…


Isolated Heroes: A Smorgasbord of Sparkles

Isolated Heroes is easily one of Scotland’s indie darling success stories and with their high fantasy and fun approach to fashion it’s not difficult to see why.  Never one to be held down by such arbitrary constructs or guidelines like…


Costume to couture: Behind Scottish Opera’s La Traviata

I didn’t expect there to be as much cleavage. I mean, okay, La Traviata is a sexy opera. It’s practically Moulin Rouge. It’s the opera that made Julia Robert cry in Pretty Woman. The lead? Is a courtesan. In Paris.…


The problematic legacy of Hugh Hefner

Few people can lay claim to a cultural legacy as prominent and divisive as the late media mogul Hugh Hefner. In fact social media is split between celebrating the life of one of publishings indisputable powerhouses; championing his contributions towards…


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