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New Years Resolutions I actually want to keep

Is there anything more tired than the idea of new year/new me? As if there is something so fundamentally wrong with you already. Honestly it’s like picking at a scab of all the things you hate about yourself. Lose weight,…


What to do: Bristol

Voted the best city in the UK to live Bristol has the feel of a much bigger city with a distinctly village quality.  I mean it’s beautiful, no duh but also manages to tick all the boxes for any city…


GDFS: Shorts with Citizen M

Glasgow’s Graphic Design Festival returns to the Lighthouse this year with a line-up jam-packed with exhibitions and hands on workshops. Nestled within the extensive programme though is SHORTS, a carefully curated evening of short films that defy any real set genre. As a…


Getting laser eye surgery with Optical Express: Post-Surgery

I had my laser eye surgery over 6 months ago and I still catch myself going to remove my contacts. Or push my glasses up my face. It’s hard to break a habit of a life time and you think…


Hayley Scanlan Fierce Feline

When it comes to fashion I’m a firm believer in never saying never ever.  That said there’s certain things I tend to avoid to try and avoid to at least give off the impression of having a modicum of good…


Getting Laser Eye Surgery with Optical Express: Surgery Day

I thought I’d be more nervous. I was going to have laser eye surgery.  I’d read up in meticulous detail about it. I went in to meet my surgeon with pages worth of questions.  I’d even managed to have a…


Me Too

Originally posted for Fashion Fix Daily 16th October 2017 Over the last 24 hours my social media feeds have been awash with the same two words. Me too. Posted and shared across social media by women who have been harassed…


Getting laser eye surgery with Optical Express: An Introduction

I was 5 when I first found out I needed glasses. I did not take it well. I already had a shock of white hair and treaded that line between way too loud and way too quiet and anything that…


Spotlight: Bonnie Bling on Billy, badges and #metoo

Fashion has a way of being political.  Especially if you happen to be the brand. Mhairi Mackenzie of Bonnie Bling has never shied away from making a statement.  She’s made a name for herself with her cheeky and irreverent takes…


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