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Karen Mabon – The Magic in the Mundane

From teddy bear picnics to panther birthday parties, Karen Mabon’s illustrative designs have always veered toward the fanciful.  And while her designs continue to have a dreamlike quality (who else could imagine a wedding party entirely comprised of cats) –…


The ECA Graduate Designers to watch out for

Graduate Fashion Week may be drawing to close but there’s already a few designers who’ve managed to catch my eye. Edinburgh College of Art’s final graduates have always been firm favourites and this year was no exception with a mix…


Taste of Summer with Iberica

Look, I get it. I took have been trawling SkyScanner for cheap breaks over on the old continent. And as always most (not all, but most) of my travel is centred around food. In lieu of a trip to Spain,…


World ending jewelry – Little Rooms Pangea

Get ready to meet your new obsession. Jeweller Ester Delug started up her jewellery brand Little Rooms in 2007, seeking to make beautiful jewellery inspired by art deco and Victoriana. While her relaunch collection Unified Theory explored themes of retro-futurism (perfect…


On beating writer’s block

I always had this romantic notion of writing and what being a writer was.  A lot of it involved staring out of windows longingly (nope), a  deep abiding devotion to black coffee (yup) and the misplaced notion that writing would…


The Dark World of Deepfakes

Back in December, Motherboard explored reddit’s growing obsession with an open source AI technology that was being used to map celebrity faces and place them over adult videos to create their own porn. Since then, videos have emerged bearing the likeness of…


Faux Ever Flowers with Floral Renegade

Here’s the thing. I kill everything. At least everything green. Like, you know how succulents are basically the plants you buy for people that are bad at looking after plants? Under my care, they turn brown, break and just seem…


Sexual Misconduct in Hollywood – Who’s Next?

Let’s play a game. It’s called – “Who is going to break our hearts next?” Because after this weekend – well this past year really – it feels like anyone could be next. And at this point I don’t think I have…


What to do: Prague

I was going mostly for the bone church. I mean the flights were cheap. There was the promise of cake that was the love child of churros and those overstuffed crepes I’d so enjoyed in Japan.  Prague seemed like a…


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