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Bad Girls Do It Well

“Live fast, die young, bad girls do it well.”  I’m all about embracing the dark side to the point that I’m not quite sure I have an alternative. I’ve never been one for the light and frothy (excluding the obvious:…


Triumph: Cause Shapewear Can be Sexy

As a self proffesed lingerie addict, underwear remains one of the biggest outgoings when shopping. At the end of the day, you can’t build a house on sand, and there is no better foundation for an outfit than really killer…


Bee Waits Loves: Natalie Dawson

It’s a mash up of cultures. Think of it as 50’s teen fashion meets mexican old world, and you’ll get something close to Natalie Dawson’s inaugral collection “Frida is a Punk.” Already a fast favourite with Confetti Crowd and How…


Citizen M: Business, Pleasure and Rediscovering your city

Chain hotels so desperatly want to encapsulate the feel of boutique hotel, but few get it right. Few also manage to juggle the being a destination for city breaks and bussiness trips, but some how, Citizen M do it. Stripped…


Isolated Heroes: Kickstarters and Kick Ass Designs

A hedonistic party girl collection filled with sequins and inspired by female empowerment is basically like ticking off a checklist of everything I didn’t know I wanted.  Isolated Heroes latest Autumn Winter collection is an intergalatic sparkle filled dream inspired…


5 Beauty Products that are worth the hype

When everyone unaminously goes crazy for a product my first reaction is to call bullshit. They say that many people can’t be wrong, but hell, “People like Coldplay and and voted for Hitler. You can’t trust people.”  Except, when you…


LFW: Jamie Wei Huang SS16

Rebirth, afterlife and demonology may not seem like the most obvious thematic choice for a sports luxe collection, but for Jamie Wei Huang’s SS16, the ideology blends seemlessly.  Inspired by a Buddhist sence of the afterlife – Nibbana – Wei…


LFW: Clio Peppiatt SS16

With a mission statement of making clothes that make women feel happy, bold and fearless, 24 year old Clio Peppiat’s deigns are at their very core fun. Her latest collection “Kiss The Future” is a send up of the lack…


On counter-intuitive dressing

Big boxy shapes are the last thing I should wear, at least if you go by “how to dress for your body shape” guides.  I’m a size 10 and uber busty, so the last thing I should do is wear…


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