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Isolated Heroes Valentine’s Collaboration

  The best taste is bad taste – or at the very least, the most fun. Valentine’s follows hot on the heels of Christmas when it comes to gauche colour clashing and commercialisation of kitsch. Valentine’s whether it’s cut out…


Why Not Me

I’m not quite sure if it came from a sense of my own self-entitlement (most definitely) or a disillusionment cum desperation with my own situation (also very much that) but jealousy for me always manifested in the same way. Less…


Glasgow indie design takes over the high street

There was Decourcy’s and there was Che Camille until there wasn’t.  A bulk of Glasgow’s indie retailers moved online or would pop up at the occasional market stall.  Instagram and influencers may shed some light on some really incredible indie…


On the hunt for the perfect nights sleep with Leesa Mattress

I’m a notoriously bad sleeper.  I  find it hard to settle, harder yet to stay asleep and am a known tosser/turner/wriggler/duvet hog.  I have tried everything from white noise (personal favourite is storm noises if you’re interested) to limiting screen…


What to Eat in Austin

When you visit Austin there are a few things you need to check off your food bucket list.  But what to eat in Austin when it’s the self-proclaimed food truck capital of the world?  A trip to Amy’s is a…


Karen Mabon – The Magic in the Mundane

From teddy bear picnics to panther birthday parties, Karen Mabon’s illustrative designs have always veered toward the fanciful.  And while her designs continue to have a dreamlike quality (who else could imagine a wedding party entirely comprised of cats) –…


The ECA Graduate Designers to watch out for

Graduate Fashion Week may be drawing to close but there’s already a few designers who’ve managed to catch my eye. Edinburgh College of Art’s final graduates have always been firm favourites and this year was no exception with a mix…


Taste of Summer with Iberica

Look, I get it. I took have been trawling SkyScanner for cheap breaks over on the old continent. And as always most (not all, but most) of my travel is centred around food. In lieu of a trip to Spain,…


World ending jewelry – Little Rooms Pangea

Get ready to meet your new obsession. Jeweller Ester Delug started up her jewellery brand Little Rooms in 2007, seeking to make beautiful jewellery inspired by art deco and Victoriana. While her relaunch collection Unified Theory explored themes of retro-futurism (perfect…


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