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Karen Mabon: Rosebud

Panda parties, cats in fancy dress, and the garden of Eden, they may not seem the likeliest of bedfellows but all play a part in Karen Mabon’s latest collection “Rosebud.” Mabon isn’t a stranger to surrealism with Panther Birthday’s and…


On Making a Statement

I can’t sing the praises of good basics enough. A few safe investment pieces can last a life time and are worth the extra cash. I sound like a broken record at this point. By now, if you’ve been reading…


Hello My Name is Paul Smith

“You can find inspiration everywhere, and if you can’t, look again.” I’m paraphrasing here, very loosely but there are far worse words to lead with than that of Paul Smith.  “Hello, I’m Paul Smith”opened at Glasgow’s Lighthouse on the 21st…


Brunch Bites: Singl End

I’ve been on some what of a personal crusade recently. I say recently, really more of an ongoing saga, one that I’m not entirely sure has an end. In short I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect brunch spot.…


Happy Galentine’s Day: Gifts for Your Best Gals

“What is Galentine’s Day? Oh only the best day of the year!”  Forget Valentine’s, Galentine’s is about celebrating your very best lady friends and kicking it breakfast style. The 13th of February means gathering around your favourite lady pals, enjoying…


Glitter Cat takes to Sea

Confession time: I’m afraid of boats. Not just one type of boat. All boats. Nothing traumatic ever happened to me on one and in fact I’m a really great swimmer, I just really don’t like them. I once cried on…


Obscure Couture: Death By Glitter

Death by glitter – what a way to go, right? Yet it seems such a fitting manner for Lynsday Pagan and Jenn Coyle, the design duo behind Obscure Couture, to go out. Obscure Couture first announced they were closing last…


Cat Clutches and Chelsea Boots

I feel like I’m constantly fighting a case of wardrobe fatigue.  At times it feels like I’ve got more clothes than I’ve had hot dinners. With the bags of discarded pieces I have sitting in my spare room, well, it…


PMA for the Cynic

“It’s about the law of attraction, if you ask the universe for it, it will come.”  It’s the kind of faux spiritual bullshit that has me rolling my eyes right back in to my skull. “Ask the Universe for it…


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