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Painted Leathers and Cat Clutches

When I asked my friend and instagram girl crush Hailea to paint my wedding jacket she very generously said FUCK YES. With cash dollar in hand and a crazy pipe dream of vintage valentine’s kitties, flowers and confetti – we…



I’m a walking cliche. I went through a painful break up and one of the first things I did was book myself in to the hairdresser. It almost feels like chick-lit 101. Cue shopping montage, make-up artists and finally, the…


On need and expectancy

I don’t need my husband. At least I suppose, not the way I’m expected to need him. The way I’m expected to need anybody. If or when you couple off, there becomes this expectancy that you’ve found some part of…


Take a bite out of Byron

I love going out for dinner, and after starting a new job, well – what better excuse to head out? Glasgow’s not hard done by for great places to eat, but sometimes you just want something simple done beautifully.  Byron…


Patchwork and Bombers

Is there amyone out there who actually enjoys jean shopping? Searching for the perfect  fit is the realm reserved for the sadist, though if you really MUST invest in some new denims there are worse places you can start than…


Bright Eyes: The Balm Nude’tude and Smashbox Mascara

A good nude eyeshadow palette should be part of every beauty lovers arsenal. If nothing else it’s a paint by numbers guide to make up. Any make up brand worth its weight in salt offers a nude palette but with…


Lazy Sunday – Dungarees and Roast Dinners

I’ve never really been one of those people to “make the most of the weekend.” In fact I’m a huge advocate of lazy Sunday’s. There is nothing I love more than vegging out with a big old roast, a strong…


Mind, Body, Soul Space

Going for a massage is so often seen as a treat, saved for the likes of birthdays or anniversaries. It’s a form of self care reserved for special occasions rather than seen as a form of maintenance. I’d had a…


On being enough

It’s easier for me to point out the times I’ve felt good about my body, not because that’s the status quo but those flashes of confidence are so few and far between. Any time I’ve ever felt sexy or powerful,…


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