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The Graduate

To say I have a penchant for things that look like other things would be an understatement. Among this; bags that look like champagne bottles, shirts that looks like sailor suits and dresses, dresses that look like graduation gowns. I…


Easy on the Eyes with Eyeko

Eyeko’s make-up has a bit of a cult following. Not just mild enthusiasim, but full on feverent devotion. A favourite with make-up artists, celebrities and bloggers, it’s one of those brands I’ve always approached with mild caution because nine times…


Better off the hanger

We’re all guilty of it, or at least I certainly am. I frequently judge clothes by how they look on the hanger. Or their cut out on websites. And all too frequently it has me turn my nose up (figuratively)…


Self Care Club

For all the times I’ve talked about depression on my blog, I’ve never written about it while experiencing a particularly bad patch. There was always an element of safety and distance that allows for a healthy amount of navel gazing,…


The Brows Have It

If eyes are the window to soul, then eyebrows are the frame of the face. There are few things that can have as dramatic an impact as a well-done brow. Whether you prefer a prim and polished arch or something…


Finding Neutral Ground for Sensible Sale Shopping

Sale shopping can bring out the worst in me. There’s just something about a saving that has me itching to reach for my debit card and before I know it I’ve blown an unspeakable amount on things I most definitely…


On Jealousy

I didn’t want to resent my friends. It just became something that happened.  Well nothing just happens, but I definitely ignored all the warning signs. And along with that? Well all your standard feelings of guilt, shame and of course…


Finding the Perfect Base with Kiko

I like the base, base, base, the flawless foundation base.  While some bloggers can’t get enough of blushes, eyeshadow palettes or even lipsticks, I’ve always been all about that base (okay I’m sorry, last one.)  Foundations, concealers and powders are…


Summer Wardrobe Essentials: Find What Feels Good

When you think of wardrobe basics it’s hard not to evoke an eye roll so prounced you see the back of your head. It’s fashion 101. A good pair of jeans, a classic tee,the little black dress, and while all…


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