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whips & chains

Let’s talk chain mail. My previous most flirted with the idea of chain mail…and I know it’s old hat but I can’t get it out of my head. The chain mail skirt from metal & thread on etsy for example.…



Rob Goodwin’s MA collection is fucking spectacular.That’s all you need to know…and know what I could leave it at that and spam this post filled with his collection…but it’s just tooooooo good. I mean it sure helps that the photography…


show us your teeth

Know what I like? Good teeth. Know what else I like? Good jewellery. So Polly Van der Glas‘ collection of silver jewellery made with human teeth and human hair…well it’s pretty much my cup of tea. I know the first…


sting in your tail

Ah yes….the Butler & Wilson Red Crystal Scorpion. Now I’m not going to pretend I’m mad crazy for broaches or anything, but me, I’m quite partial to anything novel shaped like an animal. I mean I nearly died a death…


First Post-NAILS

Over at Stop It Right Now they have some uh-mazing nails on show – in the form of these Chanel logo drippy nail, which I found via a blog Not Tonight Darling, I’m Washing my Hair. Now I love a…


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