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i really am over fucking spring

Zac Posen. What can one say – the guy likes his gowns. The guy has pretty much built his name on constructing dresses and gowns fit for the red carpet…but the recession has hit some harder than others, and when…


bee loves the leiber

Continuing on Leiber week is the beehive clutch. Of course I love this…’s covered in bees. Tiny little bees with little eyes and little wings. Once more this bad boy is covered in a shit-ton of Austrian crystals and it…



I love good nails. I fucking love WAH nails. I’m enjoying how they were in the fucking Metro and they were on T4’s Frock Me giving some sweet ass nail advice. I’ve always been a bit partial to some sweet…


ode to the leiber

Continuing on from yesterday today I’m just a bit mad enthusiastic for this bad boy:The Violin minaudiere is fucking spectacular. Look how perfect the colour of the crystals are…..and the tiny matching pill box? GUSH I’m not really mad for…


Judith Leiber Week

I really enjoy a woman who likes a good bag, and Judith Leiber….well she’s a woman who likes bags. Bitch pretty much owns the most prestigious luxury handbag brand in the world. So I spent the evening googling images of…


pony girl

I’m not a great lover of Spring “looks”…I mean there are elements I like…the hair on the Chanel’s Couture catwalk for one. But really looking through designers spring looks…I’m not finding my heart skipping that important beat, I’m not catching…


And I’m floating in a most peculiar way

I don’t think I ever will get over the Acne Atacoma wedge. Ever. It pretty much the prettiest wedge I ever did see…..probably cause it looks a little bit like an ice skate…but you know. It is/was wonderful. Very simple,…


bite me

I gotta say….I sure am liking David Koma‘s A/W 2010 Collection. Maybe its the prominence of black within the collection, maybe it’s the mix of leather,wool and suede. Hell it could even be the sharp tailoring throughout. Really though I…



It’s a Saturday night and after helping boyfriend move in my nails were fucked. I’d tried Chanel Particuliere with black half moons (I use stargazer…cheap as chips and I find it really easy to use) but there was nothing left…


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