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another friggin beauty post

But this one is exciting.While over at Not Tonight Darling, I’m Washing My Hair, mine eyes spot they spy a post about MAC‘s new make-up collection due for September. I’ll give you a clue…. Yeah its the Venomous Villains Collection.…


continuing to see into my soul

Dear Jeffrey Campbell, I am convinced you can see into my soul. This is because you’re shoes are amazing. Not only am I in love with the macho oxford over at nastygal….but the Tick boots, well, they are pretty much…



I fucking love WAH! nails. I don’t think I’ll ever really get over them. I mean I’m not going to lie, every time I see fucking chanel nailart I want to scoop my eyes out and as much as I…


don’t blink

I wish I paid more attention to news in the beauty world as I’m sure these lashes have been out forever, but I just couldn’t not post them cause…well fuck, look at them. They are INCREDIBLE. They are of course…


girl on fire

Dear Internet. I really like eco-label Issi. I also really like the “Paul Morrison Volcano Kit Bag“. It’s a collaborative piece between the label and artist Paul Morrison and is made out of a fricking decommissioned fire-hose. It looks amazing.…


what piano tuners call a birdcage

Continuing on from Judith Leiber week I present unto you the motherfucking birdcage bag. It just looks so sweet and delicate..though at the same time if you swung this at someone they’d defs be missing a few teeth. So yeah..pretty…


fighting the corner for pastels

And fighting for the corner of pastels, to win a place in my black as the night heart, is of course Wah! Nails. I’m okay with this. The pink and blue are sweet as hell, and combined with a banana…



It seems there just isn’t enough praise for Keira. Everything she makes is pretty fucking gorgeous. Her style is heavily influenced by old time glamour giving a nod of the head to some of the most stylish women in history;…


cat’s meow

I really fucking wish I could come up with a better title for this post…but it’s been a busy week of rubbish exam mourning and studying for the next one (see reading every true blood book i can get a…


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