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feather in my cap

Oh Bitching & Junkfood. I love you so. The Black Coque Feather Head Piece is incredible. I mean I’m quite excited about the whole leather and stud detailing but really it’s the green in the feathers that get me, and…


granny would be proud june

I can’t wait for the next Granny Would Be Proud. A few of you know Ally and I are doing a Vintage fair during the Merch City Festival and Fred who runs Granny has been giving me advice – cause…


i’m a cat, i’m a kitty cat

HOLY FRIGGIN SHIT. Do thine eyes deceive me? Is that a motherfucking carpet bag…with a kitten playing chess on it? GARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRB. Of course there are more kitties on the bag. It’s kind of amazing. It’s from etsy vintage retailer BackThennishVintage…


flat envy

I would like to live with Betsey Johnson. That is all.


love is in the hair

I love Vogue Italia. Namely cause this month’s beauty story “Love is in the hair” is totes stunning. This may be one of my favourite beauty stories my little eyes have seen in a long time. The Russian babe that…


i’ve been here before

Christian Dior. Trust you to make me think pastels are acceptable. Of course I’m talking about Dior’s 2011 Resort Show in Shanghai…bringing a sweet mix of ready to wear and couture. Oh yeah and the premier of “Lady Blue Shanghai“…..only…


you’re so cool

For someone with gothic aspirations…..sometimes I find myself leaning towards something a bit more kitchy…a bit more sleazy..a bit more…mother-fucking Alabama Worley. Alabama is fucking glorious. Her outfits through True Romance are just loads of fun. And I know she’s…


another friggin beauty post

But this one is exciting.While over at Not Tonight Darling, I’m Washing My Hair, mine eyes spot they spy a post about MAC‘s new make-up collection due for September. I’ll give you a clue…. Yeah its the Venomous Villains Collection.…


continuing to see into my soul

Dear Jeffrey Campbell, I am convinced you can see into my soul. This is because you’re shoes are amazing. Not only am I in love with the macho oxford over at nastygal….but the Tick boots, well, they are pretty much…


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