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on what i wore to work

So I’ve been helping out in my friend’s vintage shop Tatty Bon now and then over the past few months. I love it. I’ve been taken on a buying trip, helped style a shoot….and get to spend my days in…


on bikes in the summer

I love Summer, but I definitely have a romanticised view of it, of the Summer and the city at least. While I’d like to imagine myself riding through the streets of Glasgow on a bike in heels a la Baba,…


interruption to our usual service

So the past couple of days have been hectic; been doing a few shifts in my favourite vintage/custom shop Tatty Bon (I spend most of my work day playing dress up and eating sandwiches….so yeah it could be work) making…


In Rainbows

The Sophy Robson Rainbow Nail Tutorial is finally online! I’ve been waiting for this for ages. I posted a drippy bright rainbowesque nail not too long ago, so the Sophy Robson Rainbow Manicure is a nice more polished look for…


mark fast for topshop

So Mark Fast for Topshop is only days away……(June 25th for some sources, July the 5th for others…someone let me know)…..but the 5 capsule pieces are out and yeah, they are pretty sweet. I love the fact that Fast has…


show your bones

The DSquared2 Fall Campaign is interesting to say the least. While I’m not crazy for the nudity for nudity’s sake here, I’m liking the fact that it is set out like a museum…and you know…THE shoes are in it. The…


My favorite dreams of you still wash ashore

The Balenciaga Resort 2011 show may not have done much for me clothes-wise but the accessorise are right up my fucking alley. It was the rings that really caught my eye in bronze, silver and gold…and sure the word “industrial”…


usa nails

I’m not crazy for tumblr. There are some great tumblrs out there but for the most part it seems like a place for people to “like” pictures. I am partial to my “specialist” tumblrs….dedicated to my favourite things like fuckyeahcourtneylove…….and…


I got a hopscotch tear drop ready to drop

Vivetta. Vivetta may be one of my favourites. I’ve been over Spring for a long time, and Summer isn’t really my season. Apparently wearing 80 denier tights and wool skirts in July makes you kind of a buzz kill… I…


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