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on pen nib necklaces

These Pen Nib Necklaces by Erica Weiner are TO DIE FOR. I love Erica Weiner and find her jewellery consistently imaginative and sweet. Erica found the gently used pen nibs in an old barn in Maine and decided to make…


on lipstick and cats

I love Not Tonight Darling…… it keeps me up to date on the beauty news I care about. Like…..cats. Cats moulded into my lipstick. This is of course from the Paul & Joe Autumn/Winter make-up collection entitled Clair de Lune…..and…


on lanvin autumn/winter

One of the first shows I talked about on this blog (after Belle Sauvage) was Lanvin. Namely cause the show was uh-mazing with big fuck-off tribal feathers and all the girls with matching black haircuts. It’s nice to revisit it…


on being a witch

So when a Mexico City Label decide to name their Autumn/Winter 2010 Lookbook “Skate Witches”, you know I’m going to be all over that like a bad rash.And that’s exactly what Rafael Cuevas and Roberto Sanchez of Teamo decided to…


on giving up smoking

I love smoking. I love it in photos, I love it in film, I love it in my life. 2 weeks in and I’m handling myself pretty well, although I find myself very aware of other people smoking around me.…


on what i wore to work

So I’ve been helping out in my friend’s vintage shop Tatty Bon now and then over the past few months. I love it. I’ve been taken on a buying trip, helped style a shoot….and get to spend my days in…


on bikes in the summer

I love Summer, but I definitely have a romanticised view of it, of the Summer and the city at least. While I’d like to imagine myself riding through the streets of Glasgow on a bike in heels a la Baba,…


interruption to our usual service

So the past couple of days have been hectic; been doing a few shifts in my favourite vintage/custom shop Tatty Bon (I spend most of my work day playing dress up and eating sandwiches….so yeah it could be work) making…


In Rainbows

The Sophy Robson Rainbow Nail Tutorial is finally online! I’ve been waiting for this for ages. I posted a drippy bright rainbowesque nail not too long ago, so the Sophy Robson Rainbow Manicure is a nice more polished look for…


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