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Body checking and battling the TikTok algorithm

CW:  Body image, disordered eating, and body checking.  I feel like I need to delete TikTok. Over the last week, my for your page (abbreviated as FYP described as videos TikTok thinks you’ll enjoy the most) has seen the same…


Conversations for the dead

It has become the de rigeur after-dinner conversation – something that had become a steadfast part of our family tradition that if you couldn’t quite set your clock by it you could still at least expect to hit the same…


Statement of intent

Leaving the house without putting on perfume?  You may as well have asked me to leave my shoes at home while I’m at it. I’ve worn perfume every single day of lockdown, without fail. I’ve worn perfume near enough every…


Friendship in Lockdown

I’m not sure how I expected my friendships to change in lockdown, the only thing I knew was that they did.  I was there for the zoom quizzes and that hot minute we all thought House Party was a good…


I was never really one for resolutions.

I was never really one for resolutions. Not that I didn’t like the idea of them – lord knows I love some navel-gazing and goal setting (some would call it my raison d’etre) – but I’ve spent quite the time…


I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling depressed too

Here’s a run down of things I’ve cried over the past week: baby cows and when I’m getting to see them, a bin bag splitting because I didn’t get “the good bags” and lest we forget – the god damn…


Quarantine bingo and other coping mechanisms

Her name’s Janet. She’s fussy, greedy and quite honestly the damn light of my life right about now. Since we went in to lock down last month I feel like I’ve managed to swerve in to every quarantine cliché so…


Sorry not sorry – time to stop apologising

Excuse me! Hi, hello – sorry for bothering you. Just a quick note to say that I hope this doesn’t take up too much of your time but if it isn’t too much bother it would be great if you…


Cake & Death: Things to do,see and eat in Vienna

As with most things, I went for the corpses.  At least that’s how most of my trips start   – some death thing that I absolutely must see combined with SkyScanner dolling out the cheap flights.  Vienna may not have always…


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