On the hunt for the perfect nights sleep with Leesa Mattress

I’m a notoriously bad sleeper.  I  find it hard to settle, harder yet to stay asleep and am a known tosser/turner/wriggler/duvet hog.  I have tried everything from white noise (personal favourite is storm noises if you’re interested) to limiting screen time. You can check off kalms, chamomile and cutting out caffeine after 2pm too.  I moved in to my new flat just over a year ago and while I’d hung my prints and bought some plants (so.many.plants you guys) it still didn’t feel like home.  And part of that meant getting a new mattress.  We spend 1/3 of our lives in bed (more if you include lazy days and Netflix binges)  so like a building a house, your bedroom needs good foundations to make it a home.  A good nights sleep starts with a mattress so I took Leesa for a spin (as well as giving it a forever home.)

Each Leesa mattress is made in the U.K made up with a 3 foam system (fancy huh?) with each aspect designed in mind for helping create the perfect nights sleep (and my unicorn.)  The top layer is designed to promote airflow and create a cooler night sleep – I mean who doesn’t feel instantly refreshed by the cooler side of the pillow – this is just that, made mattress form. There is nothing worse than being too warm and if there’s something you can do to limit that without having arms and legs hanging outside the bed then why wouldn’t you?   Layer numbero two is more about memory foam in which there is a focus on contouring to your body.  There’s a reason there’s no bed like your own and this is exactly why this layer exsists.  Finally the final layer is dense and made to create a firm and stable nice sleep. Find me anything worse than a squishy, lumpy mattress. I’ll wait.

I’ve been using my Leess for nearly 2 months now and it’s been really nice to have a bed to come home that’s my own (and that I’ll take with me when I leave the flat.) Leesa operates a 100-night risk-free trial, and while I’d hope that you’d know if a mattress if for you after 3 months, it means there really is no pressure (at least not the bad kind) when buying your mattress. I knew I was keeping it after night one. When I’ve had friends stay they’ve mentioned that mattress (welcome to 30, where mattress quality and bed linen has trumped stories from the night before) and there’s that weird/awkward pride. A mattress is an investment piece for sure and it’s not the kind of thing you buy every year.  In fact you should only replace it every 7-10 years. It’s kind of important to pick the right one, and well, if you’ve got 100 days to decide then you’re already off to a great start.  Oh yeah and it comes with a 10-year warranty, so it basically comes with its own life insurance?

I mean a great mattress to help improve your sleep is amazing and all but what I really love about Leesa is that for every 10 mattresses they sell, working with a wide range of charities across the U.K  to help those who need it most get a better night sleep.  They’ve worked with Manchester City Mission, The Single Homeless Project Donation and the Denver Rescue Mission to name a few.  The extra bonus is that they’ve also teamed up with the Arbor foundation with a dedication to plant a tree for every mattress they sell. So that’s a feel good, do good night sleep all wrapped into one.

For me, having a good mattress (and turning off computers AND not working from bed) have been a mix of major and minor changes that have made a huge impact of the quality of sleep I get.   As someone who is constantly in the need of a decent night sleep, having an awesome mattress of my side most definitely helps.

This post was created in collaboration with Leesa, who provided a Leesa Mattress for review, but all views and opinions expressed are my own, obviously. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect night sleep and I want you to find it too. You’ll also get £100 off your first Leesa mattress when using BEEWAITS at checkout.  Legit no real reason to not try it now right?


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