World ending jewelry – Little Rooms Pangea

Get ready to meet your new obsession. Jeweller Ester Delug started up her jewellery brand Little Rooms in 2007, seeking to make beautiful jewellery inspired by art deco and Victoriana. While her relaunch collection Unified Theory explored themes of retro-futurism (perfect for all lovers of sci-fi and kitsch) her Fall 2017 collection Pangea looked back instead, paying tribute to the Cretaceous-Tertiary period and extinction. So what to expect – well dinosaurs, comets and fossils across over-sized hoops, intricately detailed signet rings and lovingly designed cuffs.  Dinosaurs never looked so good.

The collection looks at the different theories behind the extinction event – from a comet that changed our world’s atmosphere and climate triggering megatsunamis and earthquakes to volcanos (imagine a volcanic region as wide as Europe.) Whichever theory you subscribe to you can adorn yourself with art deco rings or positively explosive hoops in gold and silvers.  Fossils of the t-rex and triceratops also find themselves lending their instantly recognisable silhouettes to Pangea. Of course, there is also the Beware and Extinction parts of the collection reminding us that 98% of all documented species are now extinct and that we need ourselves need to be cautious if we want to preserve life on this planet.

The LA native designs and produces all of her jewellery in LA with a real focus on keeping production local and ethical meaning you’re in for a double whammy of getting some sweet jewels while supporting an incredible independent brand. Prices range from £9 (pins), £26 (ring),£30 (earrings) working all the way up to £166 for larger pieces.


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