Faux Ever Flowers with Floral Renegade

Here’s the thing. I kill everything. At least everything green. Like, you know how succulents are basically the plants you buy for people that are bad at looking after plants? Under my care, they turn brown, break and just seem to embody a deep embedded unshakeable sadness. They experience existential dread and then they die.  Large leafy numbers that need minimal watering and just a spot of sunlight? I drown them.  I have no idea how to care for them and my laissez-faire attitude to plant care end with curled up leaves and panicked phone calls to friends on how to save my plant babies. This cycle of nurture/neglect makes me the epitome of a bad plant mother so something I can’t possibly kill? Well, there’s an appeal to that. Even more so when it comes wrapped around a skeleton torso.  Thank fuck then for Floral Renegade. 

Lisa Gaston primarily came to prominence under “Floral Menagerie” quickly making a name for herself with her lush and romantic arrangements covering everything from limited runs for valentine’s day (bouquets wrapped in old punk magazines) to weddings. Her approach allowed for finding beauty in the imperfections in natural flowers and she brought a refreshing approach to colour and design (indeed she’s the only woman I know mad enough to add fluffy pom poms into a bridal bouquet.) And while fresh flowers are lovely, BEAUTIFUL, Floral Menagerie didn’t feel completely her. At least, not all of her. She wanted something with a little bit more bite. A little bit more rock and roll. A little bit more…faux.

And what lasts longer than faux ever flowers? Floral Renegade was born. A playground for the garish the gaudy and the punk rock. While Floral Menagerie is softer, Floral Renegade is all hard edges. It’s not for everything (a tattoed skull in a bell jar won’t be) but it’s fun and frivilous and just the right kind of absolutely bonkers.  It’s revolutionising the way we see fake flowers because the tacky can be so fucking incredible, and when you’re not basically waiting with baited breath waiting for something to you know, die,  the possibilities are endless.

She’s turning her hand to everything for her new range of faux ever flowers. Bridal bouquets that won’t wither to massive props for parties (thinks banana leaves in golds, pinks and greens) the only real limit here is Gaston’s expansive imagination.  I mean if you want a mannequin sprouting the most spectacular floral arrangement ever (and tbh why wouldn’t you?) Gaston has you covered. And while buttonholes and bouquets are all well and good, she’s also looking at creating some for the home as well as turning her hand to retail window displays.  I’ll take my Floral Renegade in a Jolie Laide Ceramix Metallica vase, please!

So maybe it’s time to admit that my thumbs are far from green and embrace the faux. A muted gothic fireplace arrangement could be just the right pick me up for my plant graveyard, or fuck it, just a giant backdrop in bursts of hot pinks and acidic yellows.  Plants, they may come and go but Floral Renegade is faux ever and ever.

Photos: Tub of Jelly

Flowers: Floral Renegade

Vases: Jolie Laide Ceramixs

Shot and styled/nails: Frenchie @ Finding Neverland Nails


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