Burnt glitter eye make-up for those who don’t “do” make-up with NYX

Ever tried to follow a make-up tutorial on YouTube and then end up with a big melted mess on your face? Me too babes. I never really mastered the art of the blend or perfected the art of the transition shade. Hell, I can barely do liner flicks without them looking like they are a) about to skid off my face b) take up my entire eyelid or c) all of the above. I have however found that glitter, sweet loving glitter, hides a multitude of sins and as result, a glitter eyeshadow look has become my go-to when I want to look a little bit “fan-ceh.”  So armed with more NYX glitter than you can shake a stick at, the vast contents of my make up drawer and a whole lot of eyeliner, my burnt glitter eye look is set to be a staple in the old “lewk” repertoire.

What I used:

Lime Crime Venus 1: Shades Rebirth and Muse

Lime Crime Venus 2: Shade Pigeon

Kat Von D Alchemist: Pink Opal

NYX Professional Glitter Primer Glue

NYX Professional Face & Body glitter in rose

NYX Worth The Hype Mascara

NYX Epic Ink Eyeliner

A good eye look needs good foundations, so for me, this means starting off with a solid matte. I went for a burnt orange worked around and under the eye. At this point you’re going to look like you’re either super hungover/have been crying for a week. KEEP GOING. From there I used a dark red matte in the crease and attempted to blend. The crying effect at this point is going to be worse. But KEEP GOING. Under the eye and over the orange I’ll pop for a smokey base with just a hint of shimmer. I went with something with greens and reds and all that good stuff (it sounds like Christmas but reads more like gasoline) but I think anything with a slightly cooler tone would work.  Now I look like I’ve been punched. Keep going.

This is where the magic happens (kinda.) I won’t say slather as much as pat some NYX glitter primer glue across your lid. Don’t worry about being too precise and don’t try to move it too much. Grab a brush and some NYX glitter and press this over your lid. I’m going to be honest, I’m usually straight up terrified of doing glitter without some sort of make-up bib on hand – however, there with minimal if any fall out from this so that’s half the battle won. If in doubt add more glitter. There can never be too much glitter.  If anything I feel like I excersied a restrained hand here. This is not the time for restraint. This is your time to shine you brilliant sparkly goddess you.


I then took a pink highlight and applied to the inner corners of each eye just to brighten everything up. At this point, you’ll look less like you’ve been on a bender and more like some crazed disco ball. PERFECT. But not what we’re going for. I’m too lazy to apply lashes, but a generous amount of eyeliner and a fricking great mascara should also do the job. When I’m applying my eyeliner I like to keep my eye open as closing my eye/stretching it always ends up squint/sad/overdrawn flicks. I mark out where I want my points to then draw them to the centre of the eyelid. I’ll then do a wee triangle (flick) and colour in the rest. I think everyone has their own little tricks for how they do their liner – and hell, I’m always looking for new hints/tips and hacks but so far this works for me and my big old hooded eyes. I then throw on lashings of mascara (turns out Worth The Hype is indeed worth the hype) and will go in with my liner to fill in any lashes I missed including those tricky inner ones and fill in details closer to the lash line.  I’m actually totally head over heels with the NYX epic ink eyeliner at the moment as it manages to give me a good deal of control and isn’t scratchy.  I’m still on the hunt for my holy grail of liquid liners but this one is putting the work in – and like glitter can hide a multitude of makeup sins.

I love make-up. I might not ever be any “good” at make-up but I love playing around with it and glitter is definitely up there in frivolous beauty purchases that I feel everyone should make at least once.  I actually really loved the NYX ones and they are one of the more pocket friendly options on the market. Now I just need to go slather my body in it.

This post is in conjunction with Boots but all thoughts are my own.  


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