Isolated Heroes: A Smorgasbord of Sparkles

Isolated Heroes is easily one of Scotland’s indie darling success stories and with their high fantasy and fun approach to fashion it’s not difficult to see why.  Never one to be held down by such arbitrary constructs or guidelines like size, gender or indeed seasons, Isolated Heroes latest drop features a proverbial smorgasbord of sparkles, power-mesh and pastel leather.

Look, I get that it’s a cliche, and a tired one at that – but sequins and party season go hand in hand. And while I would never be one to suggest that you should only indulge your inner unicorn because of a certain C word on the horizon (I for got am a big advocate for daily sequins myself) there is no denying that it’s the perfect time to invest in some utter show-stoppers. Isolated Heroes, well they have that in spades.

Isolated Heroes have become known for their now signature hand embellishment and embroidery – and this is evident across the board from sheer midi dresses (what you do or don’t wear underneath is your choice) to the statement sequined trophy jackets.  The pink sequin bomber with detachable Mongolian fur collar and TRUE LOVE tenderly stitched across the back is perfect for a modern day Alabama Worley while pastel leather slips and full sequinned t-shirts are an exercise in maximalism done very very right.

The new items are vibrant with a relaxed fit and an emphasis on feel good statement fashion. Everything is so tactile and invites touch, whether that’s from the fluid movement of the deep v sequin dress – perfect for your modern day flapper girl – or the over-sized feather trimmed sweaters.

Available up to a size 28, Isolated Heroes latest designs are available now.


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