Fuck It Fashion: Ruffles and Perspex

Fashion rules are arbitrary at best. They can serve as a guide line sure – but I like to think of them as more suggestions that hard fast lessons to live your sartorial life by. Case in point – wearing things that flatter your body shape. However, if you tell me there is something I should 10/10 avoid and NOT wear, I’m going to try and find a way to integrate it in to my day to day. And this week it’s ruffles. Ruffles that by all accounts pay more than a passing tribute to Liberace and 80’s pop stars. Ruffles, that if you’re not rocking a fashion titty are going to look awkward, add unnecessary volume and generally be notoriously difficult to work with. Ruffles, the diva of this seasons fashion trends. Fuck it guys, I love ruffles.

Dress: Zara
Shoes: Quiz

Ruffles are nothing but trouble (all the best trends are) and this dress from the Zara sale is a big old shopping list of things I personally “should” avoid. Lots of unnecessary volume around the bust and shoulders? Fuck it, I want to embrace my calling as a cotton candy rugby player. A shapeless smock cut? Okay, so this isn’t an outfit if you’re wanting to dress to make yourself look small (which, is problematic in itself) but it also makes it PERFECT for going out for dinner.  Sure, you could wear something more traditionally flattering but where is the fun in that? The best clothes for me at least are the ones you can have fun in. And on occasion that means I’ll be flapping my arms enthusiastically saying sleeves over and over because god damn it, clothes with a bit of froth and fancy are sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

I love Fuck It fashion. The weird, the wonderful and sometimes the straight up ugly. It manifests as dressing like a giant toddler to work (giant over sized overalls that have me looking moments away from cracking out a guitar to sing about colours and shapes) to wearing lingerie to brunch. It can be garish blue eyeshadow, boots with everything and sometimes, sometimes just wearing something that isn’t the most flattering but makes you incredibly happy.

What are your favourite fuck it fashion pieces in your life?


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