Best Full Coverage Foundations

When it comes to your make-up bag you can skimp on a lot of things. Basically anything you put on your eyes. Most lip colours. Hell, my favourite highlighter is £3 from Superdrug. Though the one place I’m willing to spend that little (lot) more? Foundation. There are some perfectly passable, hell, even great bases available on the high street but, when it comes to coverage, longevity and colour range?  Well I’m yet to find my foundation soul mate on a budget. If you’re going to blow your load on one product you want to make sure it’s a good one. And my preference towards a matte mid to full coverage and meant I’ve seen and sampled my fair share of foundations.

 Laura Mercier Flawless Fusion Foundation in 1N1 (creme)

Laura Mercier’s Flawless Fusion Foundation is without a doubt my favourite beauty product of the moment. I’d been a fan of their silk creme foundation in the past so was intrigued to see how this new formula with a similair coverage would hold up against it.  In short, it’s marvelous. This long wearing foundation is oil-free and light and provides a medium to full coverage without feeling heavy o nthe face. The formula itself is thin but makes for an easy application with great colour pay off. It’s a gorgeous, buildable foundation that evens the skin tone without erasing your features.  

Sara Hill Foundation Stick in Porcelain

Indie gem Sara Hill has created some of my favourite products in the last couple of years and enabled by burgeoning glitter collection. The foundation stick though is a staple for quick fixes, travelling and nights out. Easy to blend and providing a very rich and full coverage without ever feeling cakes, the Sara Hill foundation stick is all but designed for when you’re on the go.  Glides straight on a treat, builds wonderfully and ideal if you’re looking for something easy and simple to work with.

Lola Matte Long Lasting Liquid Foundation is RO40 

The colour and coverage of the Lola liquid foundation is a dream. If looking to polish your look with a high coverage foundation, Lola’s stands the test of time. This creay fomula needs a little bit of working but once it’s on it shows no sign of budging.  It acts almost as a concealer and foundation in one as found didn’t need any other touch ups when using this. For those who don’t like their foundation to feel heavy I would recommend mixing this with a moisturiser or highlighter to lighten it up without messing the integrity of the coverage. 

Kat Von D Lock It in Light 44 Cool

Kat Von D will not budge. I mean, that’s a selling point alone right? Kat Von D’s Lock It has fast become a beauty favourite with it’s long lasting, full matte coverage for a flawless base to work from. The colour range is great and it lasts for ages. The formula however is heavy. Not quite double wear or maximum cover for all you Estee Lauder fans out there but heavy.  Like feel it on your face heavy. Which can be great if you have a big old night out and you are wanting to avoid sweating said face off. Big events, any time you’re getting your photo taken? This guy is a solid 10. Though it can be tricky for every day wear. I have taken to mixing it with my Charlotte Tilburry highlight to make the product more managable for every day wear. Lock It is great – adaptable to a sheer finish with a little bit of home alchemy and one of the stand out products of her range.

The foundations here range from £20-£35 (with Lola the cheapest and Laura Mercier at the higher end here.) They are all wonderful products and great if you like me, occasionaly enjoy building yourself a new face. Or at least want to fool the world in to thinking that yes, yes you did have 8 hours sleep last night and only drink filtered water.  A good full coverage foundation? Your make-up bff for sure.


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