The Skincare Worth Investing In

I’ve managed to scrimp and save with other beauty products in the past covering everything from nails to hair. What I refuse to scrimp on though is what goes on my face. I love skincare. Serums, moisturisers, cleansers. They do it for me. And if I fall in love with a product I’m in for the long haul. It doesn’t always work out the cheapest, but that being said these products tend to last me a long time. And more importantly? They work. It’s tried and tested skincare worth investing in.

Tata Harper Clarifying Mask
Tata Harper’s Clarifying Mask is the epitome of skin indulgence. At least for me it is. This has become my go to mask if my skins been through the proverbial wars and I need to feel straight up clean. Basically, if I’m breaking out, this is my little miracle in a jar. It smells like a spa so you’ll be fogiven for wanting to leave it on your face for like, forever, but once washed off, your skin will feel incredible.

Aesop Lightweight Facial Hydrating Serum
What did I do before Aesop? Let’s just say it’s a world that doesn’t bear thinking about.  This light serum is perfect for every day wear and readily absorbs to your skin. It’s my go to Summer serum has it manages to quench my skin without straight up drowning it. I always find my make up sits so much better after I’ve used this and is gentle enough for those with even the most sensitive of skins. I usually use this after using their Parsley Seed cleanser and my skins always left feeling refreshed.

Murad AHA/BHA Exfoliating Cleanser
So I didn’t realise double cleansing was a thing. But it made sense. I’ve always opted for an oil cleanser in the past for the sheer fact it feels like heaven on my skin, but it didn’t really work all of the make up out my skin. Enter Murad’s Exfoliating Cleanser. Other than being an utter life safer, the Murad Cleanser is gentle enough to use as a second cleanse, but with it’s light exfoliation can leave your skin feeling cleaner than it ever has before. There’s a reason people keep chucking awards at this thing. Really you just need o try it for yourself!

Charlotte Tilburry Goddess Skin Clay Mask
8 hours sleeps in a bottle. No joke.  I’ve heralded the wonders of Tilbury’s Magic Cream before, but for me, the Goddess Clay Mask is truly the standout product in the skincare range. If I’m feeling hungover/worn out/ill or all of the above, this mask has the uncanny ability to plump, moisturise and restore me to something resembling human in little under 10 minutes. The mask lasts for utterly ages despite it being a regular fixture in my beauty regime. And not the most important aspect of this but it also smells particularly amazing. We have a sure fire winner here!

Ishga Marine Cream
I’m a sucker for a Scottish skincare brand, and Ishga are a long time favourite. The anti-oxidant marine cream is the perfect Summer moisturiser as it manages to be light and nourishing while smelling absaloutley amazing. A little goes a long way with this product which softens the blow slightly of the £70 price tag. It’s well merited here though as Ishga have combined a diverse range of organic ingredients to create their moisturiser including Hebriden seaweed, apricot kernel oil, thistle oil and aloe vera. It works in to the skin seamlessly. Trust me, you will not be having weird greasy face after this. Instead expect straight up radiance.

I’m always looking for new brands to completley obsess over. Who are fuffiling your skincare fantasies at the moment?


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