Making your World more Ribenary through Augmented Reality

Augmented reality and branding isn’t anything new. Stripped back, it’s using technology to mix objects and images within your real world. It’s so normalised now (think brands face mapping so you can take a selfie with your favourite fictional character or hell, ANY snapchat filter.) The two go hand in hand and with augmented reality and virtual reality set to hit $150 by 2020 we’re all but set to see more brands using it within their making campaigns. While we may not quite be integrating wearable tech fully in to out lives a la google glass or facebook’s oculus, the easiest way is through a series of apps through our phones. And while this has primarily been used to encourage social sharing, the gamfication or altering our reality isn’t only the next logical step but already in full swing. It plays in our desire to share, create and collect. I mean, come on, Pokemon Go! anyone? Nintendo’s shares sky rocketed and it was the most download IOS app last year WORLDWIDE. That’s nuts. 

Ribena invited me to their latest app and to Doodle my World with the entire concept based around making your life more Ribenary. From video to photography you’re invited to integrate a bunch of weird and wonderful animated characters in your day to day life – from the personified goofy disco ball to bunnies shooting pink laser beams it’s completely and delightfully off the wall.  Ribena: Doodle Your World is pretty much a big old playground for anyone who loves any excuse to goof about on their phone. I mean, when you’ve already had a penchant for cartoon imagery and have more than a passing interest in gifs and stickers, Doodling your World plays to all of those visual itches.

The concept is simple enough – make your life brighter by adding bright and fun characters to your day to day life. Since Glasgow Summer is notoriously hit and miss, it’s an easy way to inject an extra bit of colour in to a city already packing real character. Confetti throwing pigeons down the barras? Exploding blackcurrants near the Billy Connolly murals? I was all in. You can unlock new characters by scanning Ribena bottles or sharing your doodles daily through the app. It’s hard to pick a favourite among all these proper bizarre illustrations but laser bunny is easily up there. Do I want to unlock all the characters? You bet. Lest we forget that dark Summer when I lost many a day to the Kim Kardashian mobile game? Or the hours spent walking around Glasgow Green catching all them Pokemon. Basically this is designed for people like me.  It uses 3D tracking technology so you can lock your characters in place and build a totally bizarre world of illustrations, coming to life through your phone. I know I shouldn’t be as buzzed about stuff like this, but I don’t ever want to get a point where I don’t get utterly stoked on technology. Wether that’s how we use it in our day to day or seeing how brands use it as a marketing exercise.

I’m running a cheeky competition on instagram inviting you to use Ribena: Doodle Your World and making your day and life more #Ribenary. I’d love to see some of your utter bonkers creations (tag a girl so I can see what you’ve created.) I’ll be picking my favourite to send a load of Ribena goodies to. So how will you be making your life more #Ribenary?

This post has been supported by Ribena®  (obviously) but all thoughts and doodles are my own.


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