3 Summer Scents Worth Getting Obsessed About

Real talk time. I am a straight up scent slut. A big old whore for anything that smells fucking great. I mean, look, I get the appeal in having a signature. To be the woman who always smells of Chanel No 5, or Guerlain Shalimar – there’s something enigmatic about it right? Properly low key sexy. Well I’m not really one for being low key. At least when it comes to my perfume. I mean I love bold, punchy scents. When it comes down to it, I want something lingering and identifiable. From my first perfume loves (Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue and Hugo Boss Deep Red and Jean Paul Gautier were on a near constant rotation for me as a teenager) to now (a mix of dark florals and gourmands from everything from Le Labo, Serge Lutons and Tom Ford) I am near enough constantly following my nose. I mean if we eat with our eyes, we lust with our noses right? Nothing quite captures the memory or the moment like smell.  So in the spirit of the season, I’ve picked out 3 of my favourite perfumes at the moment that are worth falling in love with and making them mark some spectacular Summer memories.

Mon Guerlain is the latest scent from one of the most iconic perfume houses – and is unlike anything else I’ve enjoyed from their back catalogue. Mon Guerlain is powdery and floral, with all the signatures of a lazy Summer day dream. It’s lazy, lingering and luxurious with notes of jasmine, lavender and vanilla. In spite of this, it never feels overly sweet or saccharine. It’s not bold or loud, but a very quiet, classic perfume that draws you in. It’s inviting and romantic and simple a dream to wear.  It’s simply and utterly nostalgic. It’s not cloying, and while I have always preferred dark scents that skew towards the evening, this beauty is something special.

Meanwhile, Molecule 01 remains on a near constant rotation on my dresser. I mean, how do you even begin to describe Molecule 01 other than utterly delicious? It’s instantly recognisable and I suspect the best way to describe it is musky? Even that feels lazy. It’s subtle sure, but for me it’s reminiscent of dark woody perfumes – it’s earth, dark and magnetic and utterly and completely addictive.  It’s smoky and sexy with notes of brightness and up there in my top 5 perfumes of all time. I get this isn’t for everyone (and indeed many see the whole Molecule 01 thing as “gimmicky”) but I honestly cannot gush enough about this perfume.

And finally, something a little closer to home. Damn Rebel Witches is the latest launch from Scottish boutique brand Reek and OH.MY.GOD could I love this perfume any more? While their inaugural scent Bitches is already striking with orange and hazelnut, Witches gets all kinds of darker. Think pink peppercorn, leather, tobacco – it’s unbelievably delicious (seriously, can I bathe in this?) cut with blood orange and malt. It’s earthy and animalistic and fuck it, straight up sexy as hell. Damn Rebel Witches may very well be my scent of the year.

What I love about all these bad boys is how they can’t really be put in a box. They transcend that whole day/night bullshit that comes with perfume. They tread that line between every day wear and occasion, between sweet and smoky. They are straight up androgynous, unusual, weird and wonderful. Even when they are trying to be straightforward, there’s something with each of these perfumes that sucks me in. Whether it’s making me feel like I’m in a lo-fi music video or about to start my own coven, these perfumes are scents you owe yourself a sniff of.


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