The Best Beauty Buys Under £5

I’m perpetually is a a state of flux when it comes to cash money. Like, I know I should be better at saving (fiscal responsibility is sexy guys, I’m serious) but my approach to beauty has always fallen in to two very distinct camps. Pay day millionaire and poor and impoverished. And okay, not being able to afford your favourite highlighter is like THE HEIGHT of first world problems – like if you’re paying your rent and you’ve got food in your belly you’re doing pretty damn good. But sure, when it comes to those little luxuries it’s kind of nice to know where to blow your load and where to pinch those pennies.  So in the spirit of trying to restrain myself from buying yet-another-matte-lipstick, I’ve got 5 of my favourite beauty buys that are both ridiculously amazing and will give you change from your fiver!

If you told me last year my favourite highlighter would be £3 I would straight up laugh in your face. But well, here we are. Makeup Revolutions Highlighter in Peach Lights has become one of my fast favourites, as in, I wear this shit every god damn day of my life favourites.  Pink overtures for a perfectly blendable powdered highlight that is all about making those cheeks/brow bones/insert wherever else you damn well please to highlight here pop. It’s the prettiest damn highlighter I’ve seen in a slog and if you’re looking for something cheap and cheerful (or hell, just straight up amazing) you’re going to want to give this a whirl.

White. Eyeliner. Like come on guys, this has got to be the worst beauty secret ever. Before the days of highlight I’d use this on my cheeks, my brow bone, and yeah my lower lash line. And while my love of white liner never fully hit Kim-Chi or Trixie Mattel heights, it was a quick and nasty way to hide a hangover, lack of sleep, make me look fresher – generally all of the above. Kiko’s white eyeliner is gentle enough for inside that lash line and as a base for any bold colour looks to help blend it out.

Now, don’t get me wrong – there is nothing I love more than a good manicure and I am all about some solid nail maintenance, but I’ve got say I’m a convert to falsies. I always thought, like lashes they were fiddly and complicated and generally a pain in the arshe. But then Primark started releasing false nails with glitter gradients and names like “Mermaid Kisses” and I was a straight up goner. I favour a squareletto or stiletto nail myself, but these guys come in a range of cuts and finishes. Just know this guys, you are £1 away from a weeks worth of incredible talons. One of the main critiques I’ve heard is that some of the nails don’t fit everyone’s nail beds – and there certainly can be some slight overlap. This isn’t something I’ve noticed or even been bothered by, so snip open the glue and get these beauties on your fingers.

Is heralding a love of dry shampoo cheating? Because it feels like cheating. Everyone and her nan knows the merit of a good dry shampoo, to the point we’re now looking for them to do a bit of everything and anything. . To condition. To freshen. To colour. My favourite though? I love something that adds a little volume. got2b’s new range if dry shampoo leaves no white residue and has a light, fresh all day fragrance. £2 my beauties.

When someone tells me they are giving themselves a hair treatment I can’t help but think they are being bougie as hell, because here’s the thing, good hair stuff is damn expensive. Well okay, turns out that one is a hell of a myth. And while a night with some coconut oil on your scalp may leave you out of commission, this little leave in treat is applied to dry hair. Syoss Salonsplex hair renaissance is but two of your British pounds. It smells amaze, is easy to apply and light enough to be used a couple of times a week. No stickiness, no crispiness, just healthy feeling locks.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for investing in your make-up bag, but for now, when you’re looking for more bang for your buck, there’s worse places to start than here.


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