Small Investments: The Life changing Magic of Building a Home

Less is more. Okay, sure. I mean, that’s fine if you subscribe to “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up.” Minimalism is so chic. Fold your socks and keep things that only are practical/bring you joy.  Let’s slide past the sock folding thing for a minute (who even does that?) and the reexamine the practical/joy bringing thing. So far so good right? Well what if you’re a maximalist at heart? No amount of life-changing magic is going to separate you from your collection of ceramic cats and novelty lights. Even a “Big Move.” Even a “Big Move” that has you in a flat-share. If anything, what better time to mark your territory (not like that) and full on nest?  I love my flat. I love having people round, and bar work, it’s where I spent most of my time. So as far as investments go, treating myself to some executive throws and cushions doesn’t feel superfluous. In fact, it’s a way of injecting some much needed magic in your life and making you feel more at home. And no, I’m not saying that the perfect marble salt and pepper grinders will change your life – but investing in some nice treats for around the house that you find beautiful? I mean, there is far worse ways to spend your money.  And if you’re looking for the ultimate in designer furniture porn, well, you certainly can do far worse than BoConcept.

BoConcept recently opened their latest designer furniture and homeware store on Rose Street in Edinburgh (genuinely a hop, skip and a jump from Jenners) and is made for you if you love designs with a clean modern aesthetic.  It’s almost a love letter to scandi chic coupled with some classics retro design staples. Elegant, contemporary and very fresh, BoConept is where you go when you’re graduating from your Ikea flatpack.

I’ve always leaned towards a love of colour and clashing prints, while BoConcept’s has a slightly more refined version fo that. It’s a mix of classic Victorian romance with botanical themed cushions to stripped back yet still quirky table lamps. For me, what really draws my eye in is the pieces that are slighty more organic feeling. I love the oxidised vases – they feel natural and like the add life with a base that’s going to work with pretty much anything. And of course I love a throw. My flat is filled with them, so something utterly cosy in simple monochrome slots effortlesly in to any home.

So yeah, finding things that you love if like the height of performing adulthood, but all that bullshit aside, I genuinely believe that creating an enviroment that you enjoy being in can vastly improve your life. It’s not magic and you don’t need a guidebook to find it. Just finding and currating a home that you love and want to spend time in. Pretty simple right? 


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