I Don’t Think You’re Ready for These Jellies

Sun Jellies live in that beautiful grey area where you’re not quite sure if it’s some elaborate kitchy home wear or a handbag. The easy answer is of course, both. The vintage inspired bags, made entirely of recycled plastic read as a bit of a love letter to mid-century retroism crossed with some old school 90s nostalgia. So, I guess we’re ticking a lot of boxes from the get go right?  And what better way to celebrate new styles, new colours, and bad ass business bitches that with an afternoon tea with some of your favourite people?  Coupling cake with colour therapy (and a killer collaboration with my beloved Karen Mabon) is the perfect pick me up and if there’s a finer way to spend a Sunday afternoon in Glasgow, well I’m yet to hear it.

Sun Jellies are a regular feature on my instagram feed.  They have been used to house bath bombs, to puppies, and sometimes, yeah just as a big old ass handbag. With over 27 styles and ranging in diverse colours from pretty pastels to bold neons, there’s something for everyone. I, to the surprise of absolutely no one, went for black (I employ a if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it attitude to my wardrobe.) I’ve used mine for picnics to work days out – and currently, my small pink pastel one is keeping my abundance of hair shit together.  Smaller bags work perfect as desk tidies and as a cute way to add character o any space, while the larger bags are perfect for this Summer. Seriously, these beauties are just DYING to be brought poolside.

I don’t know about you, but I definitely have a new addiction. So, how do you style your Sun Jellies?


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