5 Indie Lingerie Brands to Follow on Instagram

I’d like to think everyone has one vice. Minimum. For some it’s going
to be shoes, others, it’s going to be records. For me? It’s always been
buying some kick ass lingerie. From those indie darlings to some good
old fashioned Agent.P, there’s nothing I’d rather spend my money on.
Instagram is a lingerie lovers dream – with some tremendously beautiful
brands out there just waiting to be discovered. So whether you rep for
the itty bitty titty committee or got them heavy boobs, here are some of
my favourite indie lingerie brands you’re going to want to invite in to
your wardrobe/life.

Waking Up With Venus

mix of dark romantic florals and supper femme frilly sets, London based
Waking up With Venus is a real delight. Made to order in the U.K means
that they can (in theory) do your size. I picked up a sweet little set
for £35 as a gift to me, from me, and considering I’m an F cup and this
had ZERO wiring, I was dubious to how supportive this was going to be.
Look, real talk, you’re not going to want to go for a run in this if
you’ve got any kind of titty going on (that’s what sports bras are for
boo) but I was pleasantly surprised how super comfortable and well
fitted this baby was. Expect around 4 weeks for delivery, but the sets
are cute as hell and well worth the wait.

Playful Promises

dirty and designed for your inner femme fatale Playful Promises is the
most diverse brand for sizing here. With cups in A-G, back sizes 28-42,
this brand is about looking fierce as fuck at any size and feeling
awesome in cute retro inspired lingerie. Bras come in between around
£25-£50 and veer towards a classic pin up vibe, while playing with
contemporary cuts. It’s fun and sexy, mixing luxe satin jewel tones with
mesh detailing, cut outs and a real sense of play.


evoke an ethos I can easily get behind. Underwear that’s designed to be
seen – because why save good lingerie for special occasions? It’s more
fashion focused with a mix of soft gossamer mesh, romantic pastels,
directional strapping and peekaboo detailing. With many styles going up
to a G cup, they are designing provocative, stylised lingerie that’ll
have you owning the shit out of your sexuality and feeling like a
smoking hottie.

your everyday lingerie brand (and I use the term lingerie loosely.)
This again is the kind of underwear designed to be seen.  Taking design
cues from fetish, retro and Japanease street style, Creepyyeha
juxtaposes dark and edgy cuts and materials with soft uber femme
details. Handmade in Queens, New York – Creepyyeha makes awesome
harnesses, belts, bras and chokers in red, lavender, black and white
with gorgeous gold hardware.  She’s garnered a huge following among
designers, stylists and performers and count Violet Chachki and FKA
Twigs among her fans.  


mix and match sizing and bras from A-DD, this affordable lingerie brand
has the perfect romantic boudoir feel. Coming it at around £28, they
have a spectacular blend of sheers, dark florals and lace. It’s light,
elegant and contemporary with a really effortless low key sexiness to
the designs.

If you’re looking to treat yo’self, one
of these beauties should surely scratch your itch. All I can say is
thank fuck for Instagram.


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