What Comes Around

No matter how many wardrobe clear outs I have (and trust me, I have them A LOT) there are always a few things that without fail never find themselves in the firing line. They aren’t part of my main wardrobe rotation but every now and then they crawl back out the wood work for a guest appearance. I know I’ll never throw out my giant tulle skirt or my dior nightdress, and I’ll certainly never throw out the blue blazer. Shopping out the ladies department is one of my favourite things. From better fitting shirts to personality pieces, I truly believe sometimes (all of the time) that shopping outside your comfort zone can return some real hidden gems!

Sunglasses – Armani
T-shirt – Scissorsaurus
Blazer – Oxfam
Bag – Primark
Jeans – Gap
Shoes – Boden 

I never went out looking for a child’s blazer. It never occurred to me that it would tick so many of my fashion boxes (boxy, cropped sleeves, pockets) but it was cold and it was there and 12 years later, it still is. From bridal wear to gents shirts, I’ve always loved cherry picking my favourite pieces to incorporate in to my wardrobe whether it’s “appropriate” or not.  It’s more fun that way. Night dresses with trainers, tutus with t-shirts and denim jackets, they might not always be the most practical options but I think it’s important to keep that playfulness when dressing up in the morning. It’s one of the best things about fashion after all, the rules are arbitrary and the only one who needs to set them is yourself.


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