Urban Decay: Lipsticks are my Vice

I’d go outside without foundation before I went without lipstick. It’s a safe guard. An armour. There’s something about a slick of red lipstick that makes my back a little straighter, my head a little higher and my voice a little louder. Lipstick is my vice and I can’t get enough of it. And Urban Decay have launched over 100 shades with formulas ranging from Mega Matte to Mettalized. What’s a girl to do? Try them of course!

Of all the shades this has got to be the most universally flattering.  A classic red with warm undertones, this lipstick is part of their mega matte formula and it is glorious! It can be a little bit dry when applying (though not as difficult to work with as other matte reds i.e Ruby Woo) and once it’s on it is ON. I found this to have the most longevity out of all the lipsticks I tried and while I didn’t think I was in the market for a new red lipstick, this one changed my mind.

Another one of the mega matte formula is the striking shade Pandemonium. This shocking violet shade instantly caught my eye ans is unlike anything I have in my collection. Colour wise, it is gorgeous. The matte finish is great and the lipstick has wonderful longevity. I want to love it more than I do as the colour truly is unbeatable but I do find the application a little patchy. This one definitely needs a liner to keep things nice and neat – so definitely a more high maintenance product. That said with a little patience and a lip brush, Pandemonium has the potential to be truly magical. 

Back talk
My love for this comfort matte is near enough fanatical. There is a reason Back talk is frequently sold out. It is without a doubt one of the most beautiful nude lipsticks I’ve ever worked with.  It’s often described as a mauve nude-pink and it provides just the most gorgeous matte finish without drying out your lips. Easy and even application, if you have to invest in just one Urban Decay lipstick this season, make it this one. 

An unmistakable hot pink, Firebird is a gorgeous cream formula if you’re looking for something with more hydration. The formula is great, application is even and it lasts for ages. The pigmentation is great and the only thing I can fault here is that I’m not a fan of the finish. I’m a matte girl through and through.

Big Bang
Pink and sparkly is the best way to describe Big Bang, part of Urban Decay’s Mettalized range.  This is a proper party shade, right? The pigmentation is actually pretty great with a sheer finish and bright pink colour pay off. I was concerned about the glitter feeling gritty, but nope. Application and formula were lovely and smooth. Longevity wasn’t great for me but it didn’t wear away streaky or patchy and built up really well.  Very unusual and a lot of fun.

It’s hard not to find your perfect match with these lipsticks. They cross so many shades and formula’s that really it’s a case of finding your nearest counter and going swatch happy.  There’s some real wild cards in their including a gorgeous looking green glitter and a fabulous brown comfort matte (hello 1993) so don’t just limit yourself to pinks and corals! The formula’s aren’t consistent across the whole range or from shade to shade, but I think that’s part of the fun of exploring! It’s a really beautiful range, well priced and with some lipsticks that are bound to become dessert island products – I’m looking at you Back Talk. Priced at £15 they are perfect for anyone who loves lipstick.


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