Too Faced: Totally Cute

I have a palette problem. There is nothing I love more than playing about with eyeshadow. I’ve built up quite the collection of nudes and smokes so it was time to dive in with something completely different. The Totally Cute palette from Too Faced is so far removed from what I use on a day to day basis but every time I passed it I found myself swatching Storm Cloud and swooning. Hard.The seeds were well and truly planted and before I knew it, this little beauty was in my shopping basket. And I wasn’t entirely quite sure how I was going to use half the colours. I mean – how do you use a bright pink without looking like you’ve got pink eye?

Ice Cream Cutie
Double Scoop: A creamy matte vanilla and the perfect base coat
Bunny Fu Fu: A spectacular burnt pumpkin matte and worth the price of entry alone
Chocolate Donut Does what it says on the tin – a rich deep chocolate brown matte

Lucky Girl
Shooting Star A gorgeous golden iridescent shimmer
Clover A pearlescent emerald green with gold shimmer
Storm Cloud The most amazing deep jewel toned Prussian blue

Totally Cute
Unicorn The most amazing pearly pink and would make a gorgeous highlighter
I HEART TF A super sweet candy pin 
Meow A gorgeous smoky amethyst

Totally Cute’s basic premise is creating 3 gorgeous looks in 3 minutes. It comes with a little guide book on how to use the colours to create different looks (THANK GOD) which is a bit of a lifesaver.  While everyone I spoke to gushed about Bunny Fu Fu and Donut, I always knew they were going to be a sure thing. They were straight up, high pigmented gorgeous mattes. Par for the course for a good eyeshadow palette. It was those gorgeous jewel tones and shimmers that had me excited.  The colours across the palette are unbelievable and long lasting.  The pay off for unicorn and double schoop could be better but I think they work beautifully as highlighters and base colours.

The case is a simple pink tin with some stickers you can use to customise it, which, as expected, are totally cure. I’m Nacho Cheese was a real winner for me. I’m not sure how long they’ll actually last but they’re fun and it’s a sweet idea.  It comes with a mirror and the make up guide in the tin, but no brush which I’m totally fine with. It’s not the cheapest palette, coming it at £32 but that works out at an average of £3.50 a shadow. I picked mine up in Debenhams and I can’t wait to play with it a bit more. All in all it’s a versatile palette and worth adding to your collection, if only for travelling. 


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