Karen Mabon: On a clear day you can see forever

Like all great love affairs, mine with Karen Mabon started with an obsession. One that over the years hasn’t been for letting up. While Mabon’s sleepwear is due to drop this week, her A/W collection is now available and it’s done nothing but feed my fanatic love for the brand. “On a clear day you can see forever” has all the signature flourishes of Mabon’s work; bright colours, playful imagery and designs that are a treasure trove of hidden detail. It’s a regular pic n mix of surreal stories to captured moments. The ordinary made extraordinary and everything in between. It is unequivocally gorgeous.

What can I say about Karen Mabon that I haven’t already said before? Her designs are art. Pure and simple. They inspire this need to collect and have them all because the sheer presence of them fills me with delight. They belong on walls and bodies, and fuck it, galleries – each single design just desiring to be worn, to be felt, to be seen. It all may sound slightly hyperbolic, but Karen Mabon is without a doubt in my mind one of the single most talented independent scarf designers working today. Beloved Stateside, in Japan and throughout the U.K, Mabon has continued to go from strength to strength with fresh, bold and often dream like designs. From gingerbread houses to rabbits out of hats, once more we are offered a sense of utter escape.


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