Double Dressing

So looks like dresses over trousers is a thing again. I guess part of me thought that scousers (that sexy and fun combination of skirt and trousers) was left firmly in the past at primary school discos, but here we are, and y’know what? I am all in. I’m all about wardrobe versatility and layering, and having a wrap dress that doubles as a dust coat? Well, that’s just smart shopping.

Dress/Coat – Cos
Roll neck – Topshop
Trousers – Boden
Shoes – River Island
Glasses – Iolla

From jackets that double as dresses to dresses doubling as jackets – it’s all about cost per wear and getting more bang for your buck. It’s a lot more polished than my skirt/trousers polyester monstrosity of yore and it just feels a little bit smarter. It’s one of those trends I didn’t expect to come back around, but it’s been here for a while and it’s not showing any sign any of leaving any time soon. I shouldn’t be that surprised though. With fashion, everything comes in cycles, we just need to learn how to adapt and do it better.  So what do you think of dresses over trousers?


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