Finding Neutral Ground for Sensible Sale Shopping

Sale shopping can bring out the worst in me. There’s just something about a saving that has me itching to reach for my debit card and before I know it I’ve blown an unspeakable amount on things I most definitely don’t need. I still remember the blush ruffle dress of 08 and the fingerless ox blood lace gloves of 2012. Needless to say, neither of these are in my wardrobe, having been cast off to friends, the sisterling or charity shops.  I have spent years using sales as a way to try on different fashion hats –  from Stevie Nicks lite to vintage pin up. In truth, I’m a low maintenance minimalist with maximalist aspirations. While I’m a big advocate of experimentation – and there’s no better time to play about than in sale season – this year I decided to actually do a Sensible Shop. Y’know, by evaluating my wardrobe and everything.

Top – Monki
Necklace – Bloody Mary
Trousers – Topshop
Bag – Debehnams
Shoes – Dr Martens

A “Sensible Shop” sounds like the most soulless way to consume fashion, but for me, it’s finding the gaps in my wardrobe so I can fall in love with some old classics – a recurring theme in my continuing effort to fashion diet. The biggest gap in my wardrobe is layering tops. I’ve got roll necks and tees in abundance, but something easy, smart and comfortable was lacking. It was time for a Monki binge.

Known for their mix of colourful prints and classic silhouettes, Monki is like a better quality,quirkier H&M.  Expect lots of boxy shapes, over sized shirts and plenty of Brenton stripes. There sale is phenomenal with some gorgeous tops from £6-£8 and I took full advantage, opting for pieces that I didn’t have in my wardrobe yet and that could be easily layered later in the year.

One of the best things about a bulk shop is that it allows you to see your wardrobe with a fresh set of eyes. Sunday nights for me have become ritualistic where I plan outfits for the week ahead. It helps me see exactly what I’ve got, thread in my new purchases with some old favourites and bring out some classics that have been going unloved for some time. I can’t remember the last time I wore my Docs but was certainly glad to give them a good airing.

Impulse purchases never really get the love they deserve, so taking a little bit of time and treating yourself to the bits that count mean you’re more likely to have clothes that last.  And if you’re smart? More money saved for those personality pieces you love so much!

What have been your favourite sale purchases?


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