Easy on the Eyes with Eyeko

Eyeko’s make-up has a bit of a cult following. Not just mild enthusiasim, but full on feverent devotion. A favourite with make-up artists, celebrities and bloggers, it’s one of those brands I’ve always approached with mild caution because nine times out of ten the hype is just that, hype. But I’m a sucker for eyeliner and with a near constant search for the perfect cateye, it was only a matter of time before I took the near lengendary make-up brand for a test drive.

Eyeko do one thing and they do it well. Here it’s all about the eyes so brows, shadows, liners and mascaras with the latter raking in awards and frequently topping best of posts. While I might have had my reservations going in, a cat led campaign and names like Black Magic certainly didn’t hurt in winning me over.

The Black Magic mascara is the latest to their collection with a focus on creating drama and curl. It’s definitley one of those that “does what it says on the tin” kind of deals as it created an instand false lash effect while adding a great lift to the lashes. I’m also a big fan of the tube which means less waste and quite happily fits in my bag.

The liquid eyeliner I was less enthused by, but this is more down to personal preference than actual quality. I am a liquid girl through and through and I actually found the pen harder to work with, especially when trying to build up a true black even cover. I had more control over my flicks with the pen but truly I would have loved if it had went on darker. To it’s testament though, once it was on this didn’t budge so it might just be a matter of me adding some extra layers to get this one to work for me.

The underline is a major trend in make-up at the moment, something I’m pretty sure I haven’t done since I was 20, but boy am I glad it’s back. The sports waterproof eyeliner has been in my handbag since I got it and I’ve found it long lasting, easy to apply and the perfect finisher to any look. I never thought I’d be wearing a gel pencil again in a hurry but consider me converted.

Finally, the Me and My Shadow stick which first of all, where has it been all my life? I have tried for YEARS to master a glossy eye (vaseline just looked greasy and slid off my face) so this creates the exact effect I’m looking for. It’s a fabulous mettalic with a natural glossy finish. Easy to apply and with a nice even coverage this was easily one of my favourites. I currently have it in Taupe but I certainly have my eye on a few of the other shades.

So it’s safe to say I’m in. While my hunt for the perfect cat eye continues, I finally get Eyeko and definitley have some new make-up bag faves! 


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