A Sweet Tooth for I Heart Chocolate Palettes

I came across Make-up Revolution quite my accident. Sure it had been on the fringes of my beauty purview for some time, but it was an afternoon swatching their lip velvets in Superdrug that first got me hooked. And when I’m in, I’m all in. They’re known for creating great dupes of some of the best palettes on the market that have fantastic pigmentation with solid longevity. Though that wasn’t what got me about the I Heart Chocolate Palettes. No. What got me in was that packaging. The beautiful beautiful packaging. Look, I’ve got a thing for novelty okay? Are you even the slightest bit surprised?

I picked up Salted Caramel, Naked Chocolate and Pink Fizz in Superdrug’s 3 for 2. With each palette coming in at £7.99 so I ended up with 48 eyeshadows for under £16 and it was totally worth it. Other than the super cute melted chocolate packaging, the palettes are really sturdy and some complete with a full mirror and name sheet inside.  Though the brushes that come with the sets are some kind of awful, you’re here for the shadows, not the kit. And the shadows? They’re phenomenal. Designed with their obsession with chocolate in mind, each palette is well thought through with each suitable for creating many versatile looks.

Pink Fizz
Top: Champers, Drink, Flute, Sparkling, Toast
Middle: Bubbles, Girl, Party, Elegant, Celebrate, Truffle
Bottom: Rosy, Cork, Pop, France, Pink Fizz

Pink Fizz is an incredible party palette with plenty of shimmers and metallics to play with. I wasn’t expecting it quite as much as I do but the colours are gorgeous and they blend a dream. Packed with some great transitional shades, the Pink Fizz palette is a delight to play with. It’s a bit of a love letter to pantone with some fabulous rose quartz and serenity like shades. Rosy is the only real dud in here – it’s an unremarkable pink shimmer. The stand out shades for me are girl, party, truffle and of course the palettes namesake, pink fizz.

Salted Caramel
Top: Delicious, Tempt, Heavenly, Drizzle, Enjoy
Middle: Choc, Cake, Perfect, Crunch, Sweet, Fudge
Bottom: Salted, Candy, Caramel, Spoon, Yum!

The Salted Caramel palette is a near perfect dupe for Too Faced Semi-Sweet. Thing lots of burnt oranges with some matte chocolates and finished off with golds and cobalt blues. Delicious is a fabulous little base colour and there are fabulous highlighting shades in the palette. Again the pink shimmer shade Cake is what lets it down here but overall it’s consistently solid across the board. Salted, Caramel and Spoon are some rich pigmented shimmers that work really well off each other or on their own.

Naked Chocolate
Top: Smoothly, Divine, Mocha Lover, Dipped, Choc-fest
Middle: Adorable, Buttons, Frosted Choc, Delight, Sweet Shop, Choc-Fest
Bottom: Double-Dip, Tob-le-rone, Wonka, Milky, Way

The Naked Chocolate Palette is a mix of fantastic stripped back shades which is a pretty solid dupe for the Lorac Unzipped palette. It’s a versatile palette with gorgeous nudes featuring caramels, chocolates and dreamy mocha tones throughout. It’s a great day to day palette and while some of the colours are a bit chalky, they blend really well.  It’s a nice mix of cooler and warmer shades and it’s hard to pick a favourite. Adorable and way are some real highlights for me.

While I might be late to the Make Up Revolution party, I’m glad I’m on board. They are unbelievable quality for the price point – certainly the best on the high street -with a broad colour spectrum across the board. They aren’t as easy to work with as more of their  premium counterparts and some of the colours are chalkier than others, but overall they are the kind of shadows that belong in every make-up lovers collection.


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