Rowan Joy: Like a Daydream

Minimalism takes a back seat in Scottish designer Rowan Joy’s collaboration with florist Linzi Deprez. High fantasy, high fashion and high surrealism, “Like a Daydream” blends together the perfect storm of glitter, colour and a TON of flowers.

Clothes: Rowan Joy available at Godiva
Headpieces and Floral Design: Linzi Deprez at Jack Fleuriste
Photographer: Paul Marr
Hairdresser: Roy Rogers at Milk Hairdressing
Make-up: Rachel Gallagher
Model: Rhiannon Elliot

Rowan Joy and Linzi Deprez of Jack Fleuriste combined forces to bring their candy coloured day dream to life. With a focus on pastels, texture and editorial oversized head pieces they looked to Tim Walker, Gucci’s OTT exuberance and Edward Scissorhands for inspiration. The key here was more is more, creating a shoot that you not only want to look at but step in and touch. Joy’s long time photographer Paul Marr was brought in to bring their vision to life capturing this completely off kilter, dreamy candy coloured world the girls had imagined.

I adore Rowan Joy’s work (I asked her to do my wedding dress after all) and she’s one of the few designers out there that could actually get me to consider wearing colour.  From her bold use of large floral prints to the peach lace number, no one cuts cloth like Rowan Joy.  Ballerina cuts, crop tops and picture perfect party dresses have defined her latest work, and it’s wonderful to see her non-bridal offerings.  Combined with the floral headpieces (can I wear pom moms every day please?) “Like a Daydream” is the most deliciously surreal shoot that makes me fall in love with my favourites all over again.


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