Finding the Perfect Base with Kiko

I like the base, base, base, the flawless foundation base.  While some bloggers can’t get enough of blushes, eyeshadow palettes or even lipsticks, I’ve always been all about that base (okay I’m sorry, last one.)  Foundations, concealers and powders are my beauty binge, and well, if you can have different mascaras for curling or lengthening, then I sure as hell am going to have foundations for every fix. And well, when Kiko opened in Glasgow? I may have went on a bit of a spree.


I’ve been a huge fan of Kiko for years after finding some really spectacular highlighters on a trip to Milan, and stocking up on shadows was a near ritual any time I found myself in London. Having a local Kiko? Well it looked like every beauty itch I’d ever had was going to be scratched.

The first thing worth noticing with Kiko bases is that even the palest of pales vary in colour. In short, your mileage may vary. I had to skip on the DD cream as their palest shade was too dark, however their different formula’s are sure to have a fit for your skin tone.  A little bit of trial and error  has helped me find my perfect base kit from lighter day to day coverage, long lasting full coverage and mattifying – basically ticking all of my boxes. 

Skin Evolution Foundation in 101 Ivory – One of my favourite foundations of the moment, Skin Evolution is a multi-performance long lasting foundation with a medium to full coverage. It’s my go to foundation not only for it’s even coverage but the added bonus of an SPF (even if it is only of 10.)  It’s quite thick and needs to be worked in to the skin a little but for the price, it’s unbeatable. 

Mat Mousse in 01 Ivory – My evening foundation, Mat Mousse is the perfect mattifying cool tones foundation. Great formula, lasts for ages and with an SPF of 15. It’s thick and definitely one of their lighter colours and is great for building any heavier make-up look. 

Matte Fusion Powder in 01 – Perfect for top ups on the go or for light, even coverage – Matte Fusion is any make-up lovers make-up bag essential.  While I would give the applicator it comes with a hard pass (I prefer a fuller face brush) it does come with me on every night out.

Full Coverage Concealer in 01- If I’m wanting to go sans foundation, this is my go to. It’s a quick way to clear up my blemishes and freshen up my face. Without make-up I look ill. With this I can just about pass as a living, breathing human being.

Natural Concealer in 01 –  The natural concealer is a beautiful light pink toned number that I use for brightening under my eyes. So if I’ve not had enough sleep or just look a little run down, this little beauty is a lifesaver. I apply in thin strokes underneath my eyes and BLEND that right in.  Transformative.

With the concealers currently priced from £2.70, the foundations at £6.70 and powder at £12.90, they aren’t going to leave too much of a dent on your purse and are just as good, if not better than many higher end foundations. There’s a reason Kiko has a cult following. It’s time to believe the hype.


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