Lush Spa: Tales of Bath

One thing to know about the Lush Spa is it’s more about experiences than treatments. If you’re looking for your deep tissue followed by an afternoon tea in fluffy towels you won’t find it here. What you can expect is a truly transformative journey, fully realised and encompassing all the senses that will leave you floating along the street.  “Tales of Bath” is the latest addition to the Lush Spa repertoire, unlike any other treatment I’ve ever had. Flowing, restorative and perhaps even a little bit magical, Tales of Bath takes inspiration from the city of Bath, the healing power of baths and fairytales, featuring, you guessed it, baths.

Everything about the Lush Spa feels like something out of fairytale, and it seems odd that this is the first treatment inspired to directly by folklore. Walking in is like stepping back in time to the most enchanting cottage in a forest, littered with apothecary bottles, steaming pots of tea and fresh flowers. It really goes with the full immersion, where you step off of the bluster and buzz of the shop floor in to this completely tranquil cubby hole in the city centre.

Tales of Bath starts off with reading the short tale of Prince Bladhud, who went out seeking the magic of the faeries before discovering the restorative power of baths. From there it’s off to the treatment room with billowing clouds of smoke, bubbling pots and the fanciest bath you ever did see (and a giant light up bath bomb to match.)

I’m an eye roller by nature so when I found out my scalp and shoulder massage was going to be set to spoken word on tape I found myself instantly tense up. But then it started. And everything felt fluid. It felt more akin to a ballet than a massage and there was something wonderfully freeing about completely letting go and allowing the entire experience to wash over me.  While blissed out my masseuse left the room after putting the complete tale of Prince Bladhud on to accompany my bath. 

As a company known for their bath bombs, you’d expect their bath themed treatment would have to be pretty spectacular. And it was. With a giant glowing bath bomb to drop in the bath (for those curious to the scent it’s closest to Yoga Bomb so lots of sandalwood) the entire process is immensely satisfying. Truly, when it was time to come out for my massage I wasn’t quite ready. If I could just have fancy baths with giant bath bombs every day that would be great.

To finish, a 45 minute full side massage which again feels more akin to a dance than anything else. I know I keep using words like fluid and flowing here, and it’s a total cliche especially when talking about a water based treatment, but really there is no better way to describe it. I found myself dozing off and the massage itself just made me feel so wonderfully taken care of.

Restorative, calming and unlike any treatment you will have anywhere else, Tales of Bath is like stepping in to your very own fairytale. This gentle treatment is suitable for expectant mothers and one I would recommend to just about anyone who needs to switch off.  Forget about the healing power of baths, I believe in the healing power of Lush.

Tales of Bath is available at Liverpool, Leeds, Oxford Street, Poole and Edinburgh for £110.


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