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Going for a massage is so often seen as a treat, saved for the likes of birthdays or anniversaries. It’s a form of self care reserved for special occasions rather than seen as a form of maintenance. I’d had a pretty big month both physically and mentally (couple long haul flights with major life changes) and I was finding it beginning to effect me – both physically and mentally.  It was time to give myself a bit of room to unwind which for me meant a overdue and much needed treatment at Soul Space Glasgow.

My girl Betty had previously been and recommended the bamboo massage heavily. I’d spent weeks cracking my shoulders which had become wound up and tight and she was sure this was what I’d need to loosen everything up. Well, she wasn’t wrong.

Bamboo massages are a little more more intense than your deep tissue tending to be used as an alternative to sports massage. They get right to the route of the problem, and coupled with more traditional hand massage can work out a lot of tightness and knots. It’s all about stretching everything out and getting really deep in to the tissue which I definitely needed. I thought everything had been held in the tops of my shoulders, but as I was worked over it became evident that my stress and anxiety was being held much deeper than that. Right in to the spine. I love my massages to be borderline uncomfortable and at my request, my bamboo massage went deep. This made for some moments of some unpleasant discomfort but also some very satisfying clicks and crunches. I was never hurt, in fact I felt like I was getting a proper treatment that was doing me some good.

Soul Space is the perfect escape for those looking for the quiet of the country without having to leave the city. Set just off Novar Drive, Soul Space has a warm community vibe. Think less chrome and marble finishing and more plush chairs, cups of tea and vases overflowing with fresh flowers. Nothing feels rushed with a focus on taking time for you. It’s the small touches though. From perfectly tailored oils for your mind set, warm shoulder cushions to loosen your muscles, to the sweetest menu of herbal tea, nothing is too much for the team at Soul Space.

The bamboo massage takes around 55 minutes costing £65. It’s a little bit rougher and while I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking to relax, it’s perfect if you want to be revitalised and energised.  You’ll be a bit sore for a few days after it but it’s worth it.


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