Lazy Sunday – Dungarees and Roast Dinners

I’ve never really been one of those people to “make the most of the weekend.” In fact I’m a huge advocate of lazy Sunday’s. There is nothing I love more than vegging out with a big old roast, a strong cup of tea and catching up on my week of reading.  The best kind of roasts though are the ones that I don’t have to make and Glasgow until fairly recently has been severely lacking on the Sunday staple.  There’s been a fairly recent explosion in the city centre varying from the truly decadent to the perfect budget pub lunch, and The Trading House offer the later with a classic roast for under £10. Basically the perfect excuse to pull on your comfiest clothes and head out for a laid back lunch with your favourite humans.

The Trading House’s forte is cocktails so what better to pair Sunday Lunch with than a Bloody Mary trolley?  With their own cumin and gin take on the classic, The Trading House’s offering of Bloody Mary’s is apparelled. I have to say I’m pretty bias as I like my Bloody Mary super spicy with a ton of lemon and Worcester so their take ticks a lot of boxes for me. I loved that we could make our own though, making for the perfect relaxed vibe for kicking back with my Sunday paper.
I went for the roast beef which was generously portioned, though unfortunately a little bit cold. The actual components of the meal were lovely and I really liked the roast potatoes and vegetables on the side, I would just prefer if it was a little bit hotter next time. For pub food though this is a step above your usual Weatherpersons fare and perfect if you’re on a tight budget. Really though I’d be happy to spend the afternoon here sipping some cocktails chasing the hangover away.

Jacket – H&M Trend
Dungarees – New Look
Top – Nobody’s Child
Trainers – Adidas
Bag – New Look

The hunt for the perfect dungarees has been a long time coming. I just want to wear a romper without looking like a giant baby.  New Look was never really on my radar when looking for the perfect denims, however whenever I do go in I tend to find something truly spectacular (including the divisive flattened cat bag.) Their dungarees are among the comfiest I’ve ever worn having me wearing them near constantly while in Japan.  They were a great travel staple so it made sense they would become part of my lazy girl wardrobe. I’m sure I could dress these up with some cute heels in the near future but for now I’m all about the comfort.

Comfy clothes, cheap roast and cocktails, really, do Sunday’s get better than this?


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