Capes and Clutches: Season of the Witch

There are few outfits that can’t be improved upon with the addition of a well placed cape. In fact, I’m surprised it took me so long to actually add one to my wardrobe. It’s the shape of the fashion wank jacket (remember when we all just draped them over our shoulders and pretended we were warm?) without the fear of it falling off with an unfortunate gust of wind.  The caped dress from Nobody’s Child scratches a lot of fashion itches for me, namely the need to feel like some kind of superhero witch.

Hat – Boohoo
Dress – Nobody’s Child
Necklace – Bloody Mary Metal
Bag – Alice on Wednesday
Phone Case – Valfre via Spoiled Brat
Shoes – River Island

It’s tough to find a fast fashion brand that sits well with me ethically, and Nobody’s Child manages to produce affordable trend pieces all while keeping their heart in the right place.  It’s been a project the brand have been building for over 10 years, but it means that they control the entire process and create a line of clothes that you want to wear and feel good wearing. Coupling this with some personality pieces including a velvet book clutch from Japan (really it’s more of a very large purse) and a cute phone case keeps me from looking like I’ve rolled straight out The Craft. Not that that would be a bad thing. One cape though doesn’t feel quite enough. In fact there is a bridal jumpsuit with detachable cape on ASOS that’s got my buying fingers twitching. I think it’s about time we introduce a bit more drama in to day to day fashion again.


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