Business Woman Special

Power dressing means different things for different people. I’ve never been a shirt and slacks kind of girl (if anything it makes me feel like I should be making coffee and asking where the photocopier is) – but I still reach for the same tried and tested methods whenever I have an important meeting. Which for me means all black and a ton of red lipstick. I’ve tried pops of colour, a sensible nude lipstick and more mascara but time and time again I find myself changing at the last minute and applying Lady Danger. We all have our own uniforms, our personal suits of armour. I guess mine is by the book “fashion wank.”

Glasses – Iolla
Bag – Radley
Bracelet – John & Pearl
Necklace – Bloody Mary Metal
Dress – Cos
Jeans – Gap
Shoes – Asos

That doesn’t mean I want to be devoid of personality pieces though. Rainbow puffball shoes, stiletto nails and blue hair are all interchangeable but red lipstick and a black wardrobe have been near constants for over 10 years. It’s safe though and it’s what I turn to whenever I have an important meeting or need to feel together when everything else might not necessary feel that way. For some that means being suited and booted, for others it’s rainbow hair, but it’s a process that comes with time and a good deal of experimentation. Not necessarily good experimentation (I still am blocking out an incident with black tights, leopard print heels and a purple floral shirt.)  But you get there in the end. And yeah, it’s not the lipstick, or the wardrobe. It’s the state of mind and building up that confidence in yourself. But a little bit of personal armour? Sometimes it helps.


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