Dead Sleekit: Look Twice

From Jonathan Saunders to Holly Fulton, us Scots have always had an eye for print. It should come as no surprise that print and colour are the very foundations of emerging designer Iain Macdonald’s label Dead Sleekit.  The award winning designer’s digitally printed designs see illustrations and paintings come to life, all the while being handmade in Scotland.  In short, it’s ethically designed wearable art. What’s not to love right?


The premier collection is reminiscent of illustrations from fairytales with bold hues of candy reds and burnt orange with pops of azure blue and canary yellows. Favouring simple cuts including t-shirt dresses, cropped tops and pencil skirts keeps the prints the focus of the collection.  It’s about bringing stories to life with an altogether different canvas.

And that’s what Macdonald wants to do. Tell more stories.  After launching his inaugural capsule collection earlier this year,
Macdonld has launched a Kickstarter to expand the brand. With 60% raised
and 5 days to go he’s well on the way to his target of £4000. He’s looking to move from fairytales to horror, using American Horror Story and Scream Queens as key reference points. What to expect?  Preppy pastels, new shapes and of course, Macdonald’s trademark artistic flair.

With less than £2000 to go, Macdonald’s rewards read like any self-respecting fashionistas wish list. Mystery boxes, bespoke scarf designs and dresses are all up for grabs.  With pledges starting from as little as £1 (and bow ties from £8) there’s no reason not to get behind this campaign. Dead Sleekit is about making beautiful wearable art and asking you to take a minute and look twice.


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