Rock n Roll Bride X Crown and Glory

3 days before my wedding and it’s 6am in Exeter. I spent the previous couple of days in London shooting for a tv show with my best girls, so I should, by all accounts, be utterly knackered. And I am. But against all rationale I’m also buzzing. I’m off to shoot the Rock n Roll Bride latest collaboration with Crown and Glory with two other real brides in a mansion house and I can’t wait.

Couldn’t wait really. The closer it got to my wedding the more paniced I became. I had been having a relapse with some nasty body issues, my anxiety was flaring up like never before and after one too many public panic attacks, a day of dressing up like a frigging bridal princess is exactly what I needed. To switch the noise off from everything that was going on in my head and wear light up shoes, lots of glitter and hang with some mega babes. So far so good right?

Even better guys. Other than being exactly the escape I needed, everyone was super sweet, and the collection, well be prepared for photo spam ladies because this is basically everything you could want from a veil collection. Rainbows and sass set to stun.

Pom Poms
A welcome quirk to a traditionail veil, the pom pom veils were super dreamy. I mean who doesn’t want to wear a rainbow on their wedding day. The white is still more on the traditional side if you’re looking to play it safe (though really, you’re wearing pom poms so safe is a ship that has already sailed), but if you want to go all out the rainbow poms are a dream. I actually think it’s a lot more subtle than you’d initially think and is a nice way to sneak in a pop of personality and colour. 

 Rainbow Crystals
 Birdcages aren’t usually my bag but if there was anything that was ever going to convert me it was the rainbow crystal veils. I love a bit of fashion netting and this is probarly the one I could see myself wearing day to day without looking like a crazy person (because we need to bring day to day veil wearing back okay please ladies?) and these are a flat out dream. The white is gorgeous and for me it almost felt like the crystals were floating on air.  Lovingly handcrafted by Sophie and her fiance Gareth (congrats you cutie patooties) these babies must take forever. Seriously they are beautifully made and there is no skimping on the sparkle here. Also available in black if you were looking for something a bit more striking.

Hearts and bows
If there is a veil that will transition from bridal to day to day wardrobe with ease it’s the bows and hearts. Super exagerated shapes, they are not for the faint of hearted, which really is everything this collection’s about right? Bold, bright and filled with personality, they come in 30 colours so there’s bound to be one that matches your colour scheme (or clashes!) I won’t be suprised if a few non-brides pick a few of these babies up.  The crystal hearts are a pin up dream/

 Glitter Veils and Slogans

I didn’t know I wanted a pink veil till I saw the Crown and Glory glitter veil, but it made me want to plan my whole wedding all over again (okay, maybe not that far, but maybe a little something for the dancing?)  The glitter veils are a bit more subtle but great if you want some sparkle, and look, I would love to see more brides embracing coloured veils.  They look amazing. The slogan ones though are the real show stoppers with romantic phrases like “I do” and “Forever” to a good old fashion “Hell Yeah.” Bonus points for being able to get a custom phrased one. I’ve already got my Mrs McArthur one (which I will 10/10 be wearing on my minimoon part two, just try and stop me) but a little Magical Girl or Cat Lover one? Too far? Not far enough?  Straight up heart eyes all over the joint guys. 

Having a few days away before the wedding was actually one of the best things I could have done for my mental health (although on paper is seems counter intuitive.) I got time to let go, live in the moment, and be around some truly inspirational women. As the only impending bride to be on set it was great to get some last minute advice on those pre-wedding jitters, and what better way to banish them with a dress rehersal?   I had a wonderful time and wish I could go bath and do it all over again. Seriously, what a blast.

So brides to be (and non brideys) will you be picking up something from the new collection?

Photos: Hannah Milard
MUA & Hair: Elbie Van Eden
Venue: Mamhead House
Crack styling team: Sophie & Gareth of Crown and Glory and Kat of Rock n Roll Bride
And of course my other MAWDOLL babes: Kirsty and Hannah. What a pair of cutie pies right?


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