Happy Galentine’s Day: Gifts for Your Best Gals

“What is Galentine’s Day? Oh only the best day of the year!”  Forget Valentine’s, Galentine’s is about celebrating your very best lady friends and kicking it breakfast style. The 13th of February means gathering around your favourite lady pals, enjoying some breakfast goods and celebrating the kiss ass stuff you’ve  all done.  Whether you choose to celebrate with frittatas and mosaics made out of drinks bottles or over a 5000 word essay and a bottle of wine, it’s important we DO celebrate it, because there’s nothing like bigging up your best girls. 

Gala Darling – Radical Self Love

For – Your precious land mermaid who wants to practice more mindfulness

I truly believe Gala Darling’s book – Radical Self Love should be on every women’s bookshelf. After self-publishing (and quickly selling out!) last year, she’s back with a shinier, sparklier and more refined version of her self-help book. Her refreshing upbeat style makes for an enjoyable read without feeling condescending and in fact feels like good solid advice from your BFF.  It’s about making your own magic, finding your hustle and creating your own happiness.  

Luna on the Moon – Best Friend’s Clutch Bag

For – Your magical fashion unicorn friend who’s wardrobe you’re constantly stealing from

Nothing says “I Love You Boo” like coordinating glittery bags.  Luna on the Moon is the perfect accessory for your fun-loving fashion pal who like’s things a little bit different. While Luna doesn’t have the glitter waffle bag of dreams yet (it’s Galentine’s, we want breakfast goods) her BFF bags means there’s more than enough sparkle to go around. 

Catherine Aitken – Make Up Bag

For – Your make-up queen who’s got her life so together that her eyeliner always matches. 

Make up bags are one of those things we never buy ourselves, so why not treat your best gal to a little bit of luxury that’s going to see her through the long haul? After all she’s your ride or die bitch, and she’s going to need a makeup bag that can outlast her waterproof eyeliner. 

Ban:do – BFF Emoji

For – The fun loving digital princess and trend-setter

Her finger isn’t so much on the pulse of the next big digital trend as it is clasping the heart-beat. She wields Emoji’s like the Ancient Egyptians used hieroglyphics. In fact, you’ve had entire conversations using just your Emoji keyboard. She’s always there with the perfect reaction GIF or monkey no matter what life throws at you.  The dancing girls emoji pin is great for your girl who’s phone is an extension of an arm and always ready for a #selfie.

La La Land – Bitches Get Stuff Done

For – Your favourite boss business bitch who inspires you to hustle harder

Boss bitches need inspiration too, and nothing quite likes a fire under me like the words of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. “Bitches get stuff done.” It’s a mantra lady bosses live by and is going to look amazing in your best gals corner suite/home office/palace.

Most of all though, Galentine’s is about letting you’re best ladies know how wonderful you think they are. So go tell your gals why you love them today, because after all Galentine’s:


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