Glitter Cat takes to Sea

Confession time: I’m afraid of boats. Not just one type of boat. All boats. Nothing traumatic ever happened to me on one and in fact I’m a really great swimmer, I just really don’t like them. I once cried on the 10 minute ferry ride from mainland to Milport. Sea legs, I just don’t have them.  A romantic champagne cruise round one of Scotland’s biggest Loch’s sounds like my idea of hell, yet there I was on a Sunday afternoon at a boat house, waiting for our “Skippy.” It was my honeymoon after all, so no backing out now right?

Bear and I had escaped to Cameron House on Loch Lochmond for our mini-moon. Close enough that we could travel without having to take too much time off, far enough out to feel like a proper holiday. Oh, and in the snow? Perfect. It really would have been rude to come to Loch Lochmond and not see it in all it’s glory. There was no chance in hell I was getting Bear on a sea plane and really the boat seemed like the tamer option, even if my legs were feeling a little shaky.

Jacket – Vintage
Cat Eats – Rene Walrus
Jumper & Skirt – Boden
Top – Whistles
Bag – Baia
Boots – Doc Martens

Is there ever appropriate attire for lounging on a boat? If
so, I’m yet to find it. Sure, I have the standard golden hued fantasies
like something out of a Ralph Lauren commercial -all very glossy, all
very New England, all very old money – when in reality I go for my usual
lot of dark colours finished with glittery cat ears. It’s a far cry from the white
linen and brenton shirts of my day dreams. Yet somehow, a blustery
Winter day wrapped up in rollnecks and later blankets turned out far
more magical than I could have hoped. 

With a glass of champagne and the panoramic view of the Loch most of my fears were abated. While I wasn’t quite ready to stand up in the wind while we went at 30 knots (by all accounts: bracing) I could finally see the appeal of boat life. January might not exactly be the most popuar season to head out on the Loch but in this weather I can’t recommend it enough. I’m not planning any long haul boat trips soon but I think I can just about manage a land locked body of water. And next time? I’m bringing an extra jumper.


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