Cat Clutches and Chelsea Boots

I feel like I’m constantly fighting a case of wardrobe fatigue.  At times it feels like I’ve got more clothes than I’ve had hot dinners. With the bags of discarded pieces I have sitting in my spare room, well, it certainly feels like it. You know we only wear 20% of our wardrobe at a time, right? How the fuck does that  even happen? There is no way I “don’t have a thing to wear.”  So how do you fight that and make use of your wardrobe?

Hat – Aymee Charlton
Dress – Boohoo
Top – Primark
Necklace – Bloody Mary Metal
Bag – New Look
Shoes – Doc Martens

Sometimes that means being brutal. Whenever I do a “Big Clean” I inevitably end up with a bin bag of clothes. For me it’s letting go of the pieces I don’t love, that don’t fit, are no longer my style and that quite simply, I don’t wear. If I want to keep it, well, I better find a reason to wear it in the next 6 months or off it goes. OFf course applying this to every item of your wardrobe can be brutal. You have to take the meaning out of some of your clothes before they end up in The Pile. I know I’ve rotated a few dresses back in to my wardrobe because they just mean too much.  I have so many dresses that are essentially the same dress that I refuse to throw out. The difference between them is minute, but to throw something away feels like a failure, like a waste of money. Even if I don’t love something I try desperately to get my cost.per.wear.  That’s no way to live – being hostage to your wardrobe.

Over the last few months I’ve stripped my wardrobe back and going forward I want to fall in love with it again. I’m screengrabbing looks that I love, reminding myself exactly of what I have and playing a bit of dress up.  I find myself drawn to different outfits, and looking for similair things I have in my wardrobe. Sometimes it’s good to look out, to discover what you already have.
How do you deal with fashion fatigue?


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